Glasgow mega-mosque hosts anti-gay cleric

Glasgow Central Mosque caught harbouring extremism views, again.

Glasgow Central Mosque was embroiled in a new incident of harbouring extremist preachers. Molana Iqbal Rangooni, who signed a petition of 500 UK Muslim leaders opposing gay marriage, was invited to speak at the Mosque as part of a series of lectures on the 14th of October. Included in the line-up was Mufti Saif Ul-Islam who was indoctrinated at the secretive Darool Ul-Islam school in Bury.

Darool Ul-Islam is more than just a school. It is ‘global school of thought’ based on Deobandi Sunni Islam – which seeks to take society back the time of the prophet Muhammed in 7th century Arabia. Former students of Darool Ul-Islam include Mullah Omar, leader of the Taliban until 2013. He graduated from an indoctrination institution on the Afghan-Pakistan border, known as the ‘university of Jihad’.

PROGRAMME: The anti-gay preacher Rangooni was invited to speak.

The event raises fresh questions over the on-goings at Scotland’s largest Mosque. It is not the first time it has brought controversy upon itself.

Just last year, the Mosque’s chief Imam and spiritual leader Habib ur Rehman praised a Pakistani terrorist who murdered the politician Salman Tanseer in the country. Rehman called callous terrorist Mumtaz Qadri a “true muslim” after he murdered Tanseer, the champion of Christians who’ve been terrorised under the nations blasphemy laws.

This incident sent a chill down Glasgow’s collective spine as fears about radicalisation grew.

Scotland has largely been considered peripheral in the rise of radical Islam. Despite the 2007 attacks at Glasgow Airport, Scots have naïvely considered this phenomenon to be external to their own affairs. However, the murder of Glasgow shopkeeper Assad Shah by Tanveer Ahmed who drove 200 miles from Bradford to slay Shah simply because he was a vocal member of Ahmadi sect of Islam – so despised by mainstream Islam – led to more Scots accepting the grim reality of the threat we face.

Indeed, Tanveer was effectively upholding the same Islamic blasphemy laws which persecute Ahmadis and all Kuffar in Pakistan. His justification in murdering Shah was identical to Quadri when he took the life of Tanseer. Despite Imam Rehamn’s fork-tongued protestations, we can be safe to assume that he felt Shah’s murderer was also a “true Muslim”.

This raises serious questions into Rehman’s fitness to be a free member of society, let alone a spiritual leader of the largest growing community in the country. Yet Police Scotland felt no need to pursue the case any further.

They have also failed to investigate the ongoing worries surrounding the Mosque itself, subject to an IBTimes UK investigation which found long-standing links with the “Khatme Nubuwwat” (Finality of the Prophet) movement, which is behind violent anti-Ahmadi persecution in Pakistan, and whose London branch is currently under investigation by the Metropolitan Police for distributing anti-Ahmadi hate speech. The Mosque facilitated an organising meeting  of the group as well as hosting hard-line cleric Allah Wasaya, a chief persecuter of Ahmadis in Pakistan.


Questions have also been asked over a loan to the ultra-orthodox group “Tablighi Jamaat”, an organisation which ironically is banned from preaching in Punjabi educational institutions, yet is legal in Britain.  

The questions have yet to be suitably answered.

It must be said, that a power struggle is (allegedly) taking place at the heart of the Mosque. Liberals against the Old Guard according to the well-trodden narrative. But, judging by the Mosque’s continued willingness to allow extremists a platform, as evidenced by last week’s meeting, the old-guard still very much rules the roost. This is compounded by the secretive nature of the so-called power-struggle – it’s very much an Intra-Islamic affair, with no place for intervention from the Kuffar. Doesn’t sound very multicultural to me, if I’m honest.

If the Mosque continues to allow extremists like Rangooni to speak unchallenged, how long can the rest of society be expected to rely upon the “liberals” to defeat the “old guard”? While we’re on the point, surely the liberals would enlist the help of wider society if they wanted to defeat this old-guard? Why would they allow this power-struggle to remain internal, when it’s clear society would support their cause?

Many uncomfortable questions arise over the on-goings at Scotland’s biggest Mosque. The Muslim community and it’s so called liberals have yet to sufficiently answer these questions, and evidenced by the recent meeting, they are very much losing their internal power-struggle. The questions then become; How long does wider society continue to allow these potentially deadly power-struggles to remain internalised? Is it of concern to the wider community, or isn’t it? And if it is, surely now is the time for wider society to step in and demand answers, regardless of community sensibilities?

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