Marxist-Islamist axis rally in Glasgow

Marxist and Islamist cooperation is so common in contemporary politics that there was no surprise when a member of Islamist advocacy group ‘CAGE’ spoke at the ‘Marxism 2017’ rally, organised by the SWP.

Moazzam Begg spoke alongside an assortment of leftists and anti-western subversives. The list included Marxist SNP MP for Glasgow South West, Chris Stephens.

SNP MP Chris Stephens speaks at Marxist-Islamist rally in Glasgow

CAGE is an organisation whose managing director Asim Qureshi has links to many high profile islamists. Amnesty International slammed the organisation for its support of British born ISIS operative ‘Jihadi John’, whom Qureshi described a ‘beautiful young man’.

Begg, known as the ‘UK’s biggest supporter of the Taliban’ is himself an enigmatic character. He was detained in Guantanamo Bay for 3 years between 2002-5 after being arrested by police in Pakistan for terror related activities. He has some very suspicious links himself, including underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab and senior Al-Qaida figure Anwar Al-Awlaki. He was eventually released because authorities did not have sufficient evidence. However, US authorities suggest Begg is still a threat.

He was headline name for the opening rally. As well as facilitating a workshop called “Challenging Prevent, Islamophobia and Racism”. Prevent, the government’s chief policy to tackle the growing threat of Islamic extremism, has been undermined from the get-go by CAGE, other Islamist advocates and their leftist apologists. These groups offer no solution to the problem give extremists a cover to carry on indoctrination of Muslim youths.

A timetable of hate against the modern West

The SWP has history of appeasement of Islamist tendencies. ‘The Prophet and the Proletariat’, an essay by SWP ideological guru Chris Harman lays the foundations of this alliance, by insidiously asserting their shared aims of overthrowing western culture. This essay is regarded as a sacred text of multiculturalism and cultural relativism.

The SWP hope to indoctrinate Islamists towards class struggle. That these Islamists will abandon one God for Marx and join the SWP to create a revolutionary mass for the overthrow of Western civilisation – their annual Marxist rally is a recruiting event to such ends, effectively grooming vulnerable people for a life of revolutionary violence.

Of course, the SWP is no stranger to grooming events as reports of party stalwarts raping young female members, then subsequently conspiring to hush-up the event, caused a mass exodus from the party and another left-wing split. Naturally, the split wasn’t over protecting the victims, but about saving face for “the movement”. Maltreatment of women is something the SWP have in common with Islamists.

The mutual advantage is clear to see in this alliance. The SWP gets fresh grooming opportunities. Islamists get some indigenous support as SWP and its front group UAF help terrorise those opposed to its spread. Yet both cults proselytise by nature. They both have an eschatological vision of an end-of-days type conflict where they will emerge as the leaders of a New World Order.

Yet with often opposing and irreconcilable ideas of how this world order should look, the alliance will at some point run into trouble if power ever does become up for grabs. It seems the Marxists haven’t learned anything from the Iranian revolution, when Islamists liquidated the Left after being allied in the overthrow the Shah.

A lot of water will have to pass under the bridge until our nation and indeed Europe is faced with the reality of a power struggle between these death cults for overall control. But the water is passing and the current is getting stronger. Every day they work towards this end. Their anti-western narrative is practically ubiquitous these days. The SWP might seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but events like Marxism 2017 are a meeting point for like-minded anti-Western fifth columnists with links all the way to Jeremy Corbyn – who could become prime minister any day.

Only our complacency will allow them to succeed. But the first part of the battle is understanding the strengths of the enemy. Recognising the Islamist-Marxist axis as the main threat to Western civilisation is the start of that understanding.

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