Safe zones this New Year’s Eve are emblematic of the death of Europe

The transformation of Europe continues under mass migration from the Third World – with “safe zones” for women.

There will be special women only zones at the Brandenburg Gate party in Berlin this New Year’s Eve to protect them from the African and Middle Eastern migrant horde.

It comes two years after migrants sexually assaulted and raped hundreds of women in Colonge.

Authorities believe there were more than 2,000 men involved and that they acted in groups to carry out mass sex attacks.

It is understood 24 women were raped and 1,200 sexually assaulted.

Now, Berlin is planning heightened security measures amid constant terrorist attacks in Germany and across Europe.

In Europe, we feel powerless to prevent our governments – be they right wing, leftists or centrists – to stop this flow of third world immigration.

The scale of migration to the UK since the early 2000s has reshaped the country.

It is a key issue the public in Britain has voted for since Tony Blair, former Prime Minister, opened the floodgates during his first term in office, 1999 to 2004.

But every single politician merely tinkers around the edges.

In the UK, a small city arrives every year from outside Europe. That’s including all of those who’ve exited Britain.

We do look inward and hope our vote to leave the European Union will have some effect and allow future government’s to enact a more secure and wise immigration system.

But we do look at the USA and hope that President Donald Trump can make some meaningful change there that could set a precedent for us to follow.. You guys are very lucky to have him.

In Europe, if we do not get our shit together, we’re looking at some serious demographic changes by 2050, in 32 years time.

Pew Research Center gathered together census and other survey data from around most of Europe and has made some terrifying predictions.

Researchers present three scenarios, zero immigration (if we stop the migrant hordes and sort out our immigration policies), medium (if we stop the hordes) and high, if we continue as we are doing right now, which is the high immigration scenario.

Islam is on the rise in Europe.

Sweden, often lauded as the worst-effected, if the high immigration scenario plays out, will have 30.6 per cent of its population as Muslims, the medium scenario is 20.5 per cent and zero 11.1 per cent.

Here’s the rest of Europe that will give you an idea of how very different our countries will be:

A frightening look into Europe’s future under Islam.

The problems of heightened Islamic immigration like this is that they will soon begin electing their own parliamentary and local government candidates.

The latter is already happening across Britain and as a result, councils appear to be turning their backs on, or a blind eye to, child grooming gangs run by Muslim men.

But if Islamic candidates can win an outright vote to put parliamentarians into national legislatures then they will change our European nations forever.

It is important to remember, Muslims, to varying degrees, follow Islamic law, no matter where they are in the world. Right now, with an Islamic population of 6.3 per cent in the UK, 23 per cent of British Muslims think Islamic Sharia law should replace British law in areas with large Muslim populations.

This is a confident portion of a demographic that is only skyrocketing in the UK. If, God forbid, they get to 17.2 per cent of our population by 2050, who knows what it will be by 2080, and beyond.

We are lucky in the United Kingdom, that our House of Lords, our upper chamber, is appointees by the government, and a life-time job. It is not subjected to entryism. But a government could technically double it in size if it so wished. That would be crazy, though, because the Lords is already the second-biggest legislature behind one of China’s.

It might sound hysterical right now – but such a rise in demand for Islamic law could trigger a massive civil war across Europe. I pray that European males will rise up and stop this madness before it is allowed to take hold.

Then, one must wonder, how does such an oppression of a barbaric belief system unfold? Mass deportations? War? It’s unthinkable, but when you look at our future it’s hard not to question what it will be like.

And, just when you think that’s already depressing enough, native European birthrates are plummeting. Between 2010 and 2016, the non-Muslim population of Europe decreased by 1.67 million. Muslim births are on the rise.

For many reasons, such as feminism, financial pressures and cuckold men, native Europeans are not having enough babies to sustain our population.

Nearly a third of each Western European country looks at Muslims unfavourably, which makes this situation even more mad, that it must continue.

Even “tolerant” Western states do not like the way Muslims organise in their countries.

The safe zones in Germany, and probably across many other European nations, will not be going anywhere. The fear that Islam has brought to the West is irreversible. We will have to learn to live with the sex attacks, rapes, increased robberies and antisocial behaviour, that come part and parcel with the migrant horde. One day a hero may emerge to lead us out of this mess, perhaps someone like Donald Trump, but I highly doubt even a president has the power and influence to undo damage of such magnitude.

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