BuzzFeed’s racist articles help build the growing anti-left movements

It is amazing how a publication can get away with being so overtly racist, and BuzzFeed is doing just this.

Like much of the regressive left, BuzzFeed is fully absorbed in Cultural Marxism, which advocates the replacement of white people, usually men, in public life, big institutions, corporations, politics and such with minorities.

These minorities can range from different races to white men who decide to call themselves women by cutting their gentiles off.

Now, BuzzFeed has published an article headlined 37 things white people need to stop ruining in 2018and while it doesn’t really bother white people, it is starting to generate heavy criticism.

Despite being a minority race across the world, white people handle racism against them very well. They simply dismiss it as nonsense. This is a far-cry from other races, who blow up at the mere mention of a racial slur.

The way BuzzFeed can be so overtly racist, though, is starting to piss people off. It’s mostly because of their double standards.

Can you imagine a white person writing such an article about black people?

Someone did lodge it to BuzzFeed on its unmoderated blogging system, but after some hours, and much hilarity, the platform removed it. It was about 37 things black people ruined in 2017, and done as a stunt.

Thankfully, someone archived it in time.

BuzzFeed is modern day cancer and brain rot, and is clearly doing this to generate extra hits. It’s a means of increasing their market share while also de-legitimising and damaging its own brand.

Inadvertently, BuzzFeed actually helps the anti-left grow. When ordinary people see these headlines, they come closer to joining some of the many factions that resist political correctness, speech-codes of the left and hysterical social justice warrior culture.


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