Scottish Islamists continue hate campaign against Ahmadi community

The Islamist hate-campaign against the Scottish Ahmadi community has continued unhindered in the past few months. Quite often the hate is overt, like when the leader of Glasgow Central Mosque praised the slaughter of Ahmadis as well as hosting other speakers and groups with anti-Ahmadi sentiment.

However, this time it was more subtle, as the convener of the country’s main Islamic advocacy group, the “Muslim Council of Scotland” – a group affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood controlled “Muslim Council of Britain” – filed a police complaint against the pictured, pro-Ahmadi billboard.

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The convener announced; “I am pleased to let you know that the Ahmadiyya Billboard (in Glasgow) has been taken down. This was due to the complaint by the Muslim Council of Scotland to Police Scotland. Congratulations to all and may Allah almighty bless you for your hard work”.

Here we see that Police Scotland is now enforcing Islamic blasphemy laws in a very subtle way, aiding in the widespread Islamist oppression of the Ahmadi community.

Ahmadis are seen as heretics by Islamists all across the Islamic world because of their attempts to reform some of the violence from Islam. This is most noticeable in Pakistan where a special register has already been set up for the community, which extremists now want to be made public in order to hunt them down.

This is advocated by the Sunni extremist group “Khatme Nabuwwat”, who have been very close links with Glasgow Central Mosque, hosting summits at the Mosque.

The group recently organised an anti-Ahmadi March through the streets of Glasgow’s South Side, the scene of the murder of Ahmadi shopkeeper Assad Shah by a Bradford born Islamist.

Yet, while anti-Ahmadi bigotry and general intolerance is commonplace is Glasgow Central Mosque, the Ahmadis themselves have been making genuine efforts to combat extremism with their “United Against Extremism” campaign . As part of the campaign, the Ahmadi council coordinated an event in the wake of Shah’s brutal execution. This event, which was attended by Christians, Sikhs and Jews, was boycotted by the MCOS and the Central Mosque – Scotland’s two biggest Muslim advocated groups, both in receipt of public benefits, lest we forget.

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It’s clear that MCOS, as well as Scotland’s largest Mosque only pay lip service to fighting extremism. They have no plan of any note on how to tackle it, no public campaign, so to speak. But they do have a continued agenda of aligning themselves with extremists, by hosting speakers, arranging marches and by being so petty as to demand the removal of a billboard promoting the most peaceful sect of their entire faith.

If you ask these advocate groups where their anti-Jihad programmes are, and point out the general lack of coordination against terror, they will often point to a group of a few protestors from the Muslim community in response. These protestors invariably turn out to be the very same Ahmadis that the MCOS and others like to persecute.

This persecution is costing lives across the world, including one in this very city. And these advocacy groups are, at best, facilitating the hate. And judging by the convener’s comments, Police Scotland appears to entirely acquiesce.

Yet, this is a new phenomenon in Scotland and Britain in general. It might seem small just now, but remember, it never used to happen at all here, so it’s clearly grown in size and is apparently continuing to do so. I see no reason why such behaviour should exist at all in this country, so how long do we let it continue?

It’s beyond time for a public investigation into the actions of Glasgow Central Mosque and other self-appointed Islamic advocacy groups like the MCOS. Even regardless of the extremism within their midst, they are simply not fulfilling their role as an integratory force – too often it seems they are doing the exactly opposite. Quite frankly, they’ve been taking the piss for too long, and it’s time our spineless politicians done something about it.



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