GLASGOW CENTRAL MOSQUE brings in new year with extremist conference

Glasgow Central Mosque started the New Year by once again hosting the annual conference of the Islamic terrorist group known as “Khatme E Nubuwwat” (KEN).

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The Mosque has been involved in numerous controversies surrounding its links to KEN, including fundraising for the Pakistan based organisation.

KEN follows the fundamentalist Deobandi strain of Islam and its members have engaged in multiple acts of slaughter against various minority groups in numerous Muslim majority countries. Most notably against Ahmadi Muslims – a trend that spread to Glasgow with the brutal murder of Ahmadi shopkeeper Assad Shah, which was praised on a KEM website.

KEN are an affiliate group of the Muslim Council of Britain, the main Islamist group in the UK. The MCB has refused to recognise Ahmadis as being Muslim, in similar vein to the extremists who slaughter them in Muslim majority countries.

We revealed that the Muslim Council of Scotland, another affiliate of the MCB, orchestrated a successful campaign to have pro-Ahmadi billboards removed.

The leader of the Mosque has also praised the murder of Pakistani politician who had fallen foul of the K.E.M’s interpretation of Islamic blasphemy laws.

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It’s clear now that Scotland’s largest Mosque and the UK’s largest Islamic advocacy group are of one mind with Islamic fascists, whose sole intention is to subjugate all of humanity to 7th century laws.

That groups like KEN can operate freely in the Scotland and the UK is intolerable enough in itself. That it is openly working here in Glasgow, at the country’s largest Mosque – the very heart of the Muslim community in Scotland – should be entirely unconscionable for any liberal minded Glaswegian.

We heard rumours of a civil-war within the mosque between liberals and conservatives. Those rumours have gone silent. Judging by the continued affiliation with groups like KEM, the liberals seem to have lost. It’s time for the state to step in and support them.

The Mosque needs to be closed with immediate effect until a complete investigation is carried out into every single aspect of its operations and affiliates – every single penny that’s ever gone through it (public funds or otherwise) – and into every single leader and organiser within the place.

The people demand transparency.

2 thoughts on “GLASGOW CENTRAL MOSQUE brings in new year with extremist conference”

  1. Nice one but if you believe for a second that the pussies in Holyrood will do anything to stop this you’re sadly mistaken far from it they want more and more Islamic fascists in Scotland they are all yes voters you see
    Civil war is the only solution and sooner or later it’s coming,
    I can’t wait.


  2. If there’s a petition to close it and a full investigation carried out, although I believe nothing of any real concern will be made available within any conclusion, I will gladly sign it.

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