Column Five pressure causes James Dornan MSP to condemn grooming gangs

There has been radio silence on the matter of Scotland-based grooming gangs from our progressive politicians since stories started breaking in 2017.

It was surprising for many that so few elected representatives decided to comment on and condemn the news stories in August and September that indicated “Asian” men were running child grooming gangs. Asian is leftist/PC speech-code for Muslim.

These are similar accounts of gangs in Rotherham and Rochdale, where politicians and authorities turned a blind eye on years of sexual assault, rape, drugging and abuse against young British girls.

After Column Five activists spotted an interview with James Dornan demanding refugees should be allowed the vote, we entered a debate on the matter.

On the theme of Islamisation and the dying culture of Europe, we challenged Mr Dornan to speak out on the rise of Muslim/Pakistani grooming gangs, particularly in Glasgow.

Thankfully, we managed to get a good few retweets and momentum on the post, which we believe spurred Mr Dornan to break his silence, and the silence of what we understand to be every progressive politician in Glasgow or Scotland.

Mr Dornan, MSP for Glasgow Cathcart, eventually responded:

james 2

While we welcome Mr Dornan finally tweeting about the issue, the next battle will be for him and other politically correct politicians to recognise the pattern: Muslim Pakistani men running these rape gangs targeting young white girls.

It should not take a small social media siege for a politician like James Dornan, who is relatively outspoken, to pass comment on such a horrible crime.

Perhaps Mr Dornan did not speak out because he represents a large Muslim vote, being a Glasgow southside politician. Could it be he fears reprisals of speaking out against a problem that seems to be related to the rise of Islam in the UK? Our First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, is in a similar constituency situation.

The reason the situations in Rochdale and Rotherham got so bad was because politicians and authorities in general did not speak out, through fear of being accused of being racist.

It is obvious Mr Dornan does despise such grooming gangs – no human being wouldn’t. But, what he and others need to do is break the mould and start speaking out more about this growing epidemic.

It’s not racist to recognise a pattern of Pakistani/Muslim men organising child grooming gangs across the United Kingdom.

Now it has come to Scotland, our politicians need to be vocal in ensuring authorities are held accountable and the public is aware of it.

We need to stop fear of being blasted as “racist” preventing public figures from speaking out on issues like this.

From our small platform, we’ll try and do our best, but it won’t be enough. We need the credibility of public figures to thrust this issue truly into the limelight.

The scale of the issue in England can be visualised here.

The Mirror mapped the problem across England, as well:


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