Tensions grow in Southside as MSP wades into grooming-gang debate

Tensions are growing in Glasgow’s South-Side after local MSP for Cathcart, James Dornan, waded into the debate on grooming gangs.

Column Five activists shamed Dornan into speaking out, after criticising the SNP member’s appearance on Russia Today to support the suicidal campaign to give voting rights to Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Scotland – advocated by odious Ross Greer, an MSP for the Green Party.

However, our sources in the Southside have informed us that Muslim elders are furious at Dornan’s decision to wade-in, as reports of grooming gangs begin to sweep the city.

The Muslim elders hold great sway over the massive Islamic population of the Southside, particularly in the Cathcart constituency, and are thought to be considering  withdrawing the support that saw Dornan elected.

Dornan’s boss Nicola Sturgeon has been criticised for her lack of action against child-trafficking in her own, Muslim dominated constituency of Govanhill, just along the road from Dornan. Elders see the First Minister as a shining example of tolerance and are keen she ensures that the rest of her MSPs behave in the same way.

Of course, Dornan’s intervention was totally meaningless and, sadly quite ill-tempered towards concerned constituents. Indeed, he interacted with many people on the subject, but most of the comments were used to dismiss citizen’s concerns about the issue. He did not accept the trend towards grooming gangs in the Muslim community – he did not even accept that it was actually happening. His input was limited to condemnation only “if” it is happening.

He offered no comfort to victims or their families. No inclination of getting to the bottom of the problem. No promise to support an investigation. He simply wants the problems to disappear and the Muslim community to continue to back the SNP.

Dornan himself is a well known Irish nationalist, who has jumped on the SNP bandwagon, given their mutual aim of destroying the UK – which has seen them use the sectarian card in the most sickening ways. Dornan himself openly praised the treacherous Green Brigade – the Celtic F.C casual group – most notably after their anti-Semitic protest against an Israeli team.

The party has a long history of promoting and facilitating Islamism in the country. It stood the vile Osama Saeed as a parliamentary candidate. Saeed is the cousin of the catastrophic Transport Minister Humza Yousuf, whose own family are shady to say the least. The party has strong links to the extremist controlled Glasgow Central Mosque.

It’s quite obvious that the party are not stronger for Scotland. All of our services are regressing. But the biggest slap in the face comes from their open support for Radical Islam, their open borders agenda and their treacherous goal of letting Refugees vote, in order to gerrymander the electorate to produce a majority for their agenda of breaking up the UK.

It’s time to hold the SNP’s feet to the fire. The people demand answers.

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