Glasgow Islamists to host “Remembrance of Death” ritual at extremist mosque

The notorious Islamist mecca that is Glasgow Central Mosque is to host a sinister sounding remembrance of death of ritual on Saturday 20th January 2018.

Islam is renowned for its encouragement to sacrifice one’s life, all for the glory of the paedophile warlord responsible for founding the ideology.

The world has watched in horror as thousands of Muslims have blown themselves up over the years to achieve the 7th dream of an Arab despot, that Muslims would take over the world. The Times of Israel reported some shocking figures surrounding the scale of this global cancer.

Indeed, Glasgow itself has been victim to an Islamic suicide attack in 2007 as terrorists drove vehicles into the Terminal of the city’s main airport, loaded with gas cylinders which subsequently exploded.

Image result for glasgow airport attack

The bombers were members of the fanatical sect “Tablighi Jamaat”, as were the 7/7 bombers. The Central Mosque was blasted by the charity watchdog for a donation to this terrorist organisation – with a Mosque elder even having the audacity to say the virulently anti-Semitic organisation was harmless.

Column 5 has reported shady ongoings at the Mosque now on numerous occasions, with it’s support for homophobic and anti-Semitic groups.

The Mosque is tightly bound to Scottish Government and the ruling SNP, as referenced here by the brilliant “Wiser Monkeys” blog. Yet when Mosque reformers were forced to quit through threats of intimidation, as radicals tightened their grip, the Nats were hiding, too scared to get involved. Transport Secretary Humza Yusuf is well known patron.

Image result for Tablighi Jamaat glasgow

It’s clear that these Islamists have some kind of hold over the Scottish government. Column 5 also revealed the tensions surrounding MSP James Dornan’s milquetoast, forced intervention on Muslim grooming-gangs. Dornan’s subsequent silence amid rumours of threats to withdraw Islamic support from the party, suggests the member for Glasgow Cathcart has been gagged.

Column 5 repeats its call for the closure of Glasgow Central Mosque and seizure of funds until a public investigation is carried out into its support for extremism.

This sinister event is another example of the parallel societies between Islamists and the rest of Britain – while the rest us enjoy the weekend with our friends and family, that wee spot of Glasgow devoted to Islamist terror will be hosting a death ritual.

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