Was the Finsbury Park maniac really a terrorist? Obviously not

The lunatic who drove a car into worshippers at Finsbury Park was clearly not a terrorist – but the left is intent on calling him such.

It were as if they wanted to shift the goal posts on what it means to be a terrorist, perhaps to even dilute the meaning of the word to hide certain truths.

The truths being, of course, the severe problem free Western democracies are facing from hardened Islamic terrorists.

It is no secret Islamic terrorism, despite the body count, children among them, that society still has trouble event calling these acts “Islamic terrorism”.

It must be terribly frustrating for the ISIS public relations department who are trying to get their views across to the British people, yet are met with extreme hurdles from politicians and journalists intent on whitewashing their message.

Darren Osborne aged 48 was found guilty of murdering Makram Ali after driving a van into him and others outside a mosque at Finsbury Park last June. He was caged for 43 years.

Progressives and communists across Britain are labelling him a terrorist – but is this crazed act of violence really terrorism?

No. Being a terrorist would imply that he is looking to influence political decisions in some way, to sway public opinion with fear, that he was well organised and perhaps linked to a wider network of terrorists.

This was a maniac who was a serial petty criminal – nothing like actual terrorist networks like ISIS, Antifa or the IRA.

There is a clear distinction to be made.

We all know the British progressives, SJWs and communists are deeply in favour of censorship to alter public opinion on certain social matters, such as gender, sexuality, race and whatnot.

So it is likely we will get to see the word “terrorist” being used more often to describe lunatics who commit acts of violence against minorities.

It were as if these extreme leftists and snobby progressives have not noticed the United Kingdom, like many European states, is a powder keg waiting to blow.

Many parts of the indigenous population are furious at the incredible transformation Britain has undergone in the last 20 years, since mass migration from shithole’s started.

British people have been driven out communities because of Islamic immigration and the way it creates these Sharia enclaves.

It’s ordinary working class Brits who have suffered as a result of this, hence why we have seen the rise of these rough campaign groups like the EDL, Britain First, the BNP and whatnot.

Then you have the constant terrorist attacks in Britain and the West – which is a direct consequence of the mass immigration policy from the Middle East and Africa.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, knows this terrorism is caused by fundamentalist Islamic teachings, and is backed by an international network, including Islamic nations like Saudi Arabia and Iran.

However, it’s very difficult to call this terrorism what it is due to large amounts of “peaceful” Muslims living in the United Kingdom. It’s basically a “hate crime” now to criticise Islam in Britain because the group has a minority status.

So, we’re left with a situation where working class Brits have been driven out their communities, are witnessing bodies piling up in the name of Islam, a toothless political leadership in Britain that does not appear to be taking the situation seriously, the threat of jail if you criticise Islam and a society refusing to acknowledge the gigantic elephant in the room.

Is it any wonder that the more insane and crazed Brits end up committing heinous acts of violence when all of this is stacked up against them?

The Finsbury Park incident was a mere symptom of a decaying, rotten British, if not Western, society. An iconic incident of what will happen when a country has lost its way.

If we want to attribute blame to someone, it’s to the politicians and figures in high office who allowed our nation to become infested with jihadists. We must point the finger at those who actively promote filling Europe with Islamic barbarians from the Third World. Only when we rid Europe of the terrorist scourge will we be safe and free again.

That is a very difficult problem, and unlikely to ever take place. So, this is the beginning of the end of Western society as most have grown up in.

All rather depressing, is it not?

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