Islamist students plan pro-terror rally in Glasgow on Saturday

Students from Glasgow and Strathclyde Universities will gather in support of an Islamist imprisoned in Israel.

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The Universities’ “Friends of Palestine” societies have teamed up with Islamist groups, “Ah Al-Bait” and the “Muslim Council of Scotland”, and various hard-left communists to call for the release of Ahed Tamimi, 17, who was jailed for a racist assault on an Israeli soldier in the village of Nabi Salih, in the West Bank.

The protestors claim that Tamimi is a “child” (she was 16 at the time of the attack) her imprisonment is unjust and that her hate-filled, racist assault should be ignored. However, as is to be expected with claims made by “Friends of Palestine”, there’s more than meets the eye – a lot more.

A cursory glance at Tamimi and her family’s connections to the Islamic-fascist, terrorist organisation “Hamas” suggests, at best, that Tamimi is a political pawn to gain international support for Hamas’ ruthless Jihad to wipe Israel off the map.

Her father Bassem Tamimi has been convicted of instigating violent protests against Jews.

Indeed, Tamimi herself has been recorded calling for acts of violence against Israeli forces, including stabbings and suicide bombings.


Regardless of age, this should be taken seriously given the number of Muslims, children included, who’ve already blown themselves up during the Jihad to drive Jews from the middle-east and various other Jihads worldwide.

While the footage of Tamimi’s attack shows the kind of feeble assault one would expect from a young female, the venom with which she delivered it cannot be ignored, in light of her racist proclamations.

The claims that Tamimi is a child is a red-herring. In Islam, a woman may be considered an adult as young as 9 – the age of the prophet Muhammed’s wife when they consummated their marriage. He married her at when she was 6 years old.

Muslims are taught from a young age to take up Jihad against Israel.

The Islamists hosting this protest are well aware of this. Indeed, this isn’t limited to Islamic societies, as Muslims in the UK have recently been fighting to uphold their right to sexualise children in British schools.

It’s safe to say that their idea of childhood is not the same as ours.

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This appears to be another example of Islamists weaponising children and taking advantage of our civilised laws to win support for their savage agenda.

And so, how do we judge this situation? If we take the Islamic idea of childhood, then Tamimi is indeed old enough to be responsible for her actions and should be tried accordingly.

If we judge by own standards, Tamimi is a minor who is being manipulated by Islamist parents to take a part in a deadly Jihad. As such, her parents should stand trial instead.

Either way, it’s clear this situation isn’t as black and white as the protestors will have you believe. What we do know, is that Ahed Tamimi is a troubled young person – a danger to herself and others.

Yet this Saturday, Glasgow will be treated to the sight of, flabby leftists and veiled Islamists taking part in a racist protest supporting Jihad – not the first time the Islamist-Communist axis has met in Glasgow – while themselves playing the victims.

Sadly, unsuspecting shoppers will hear the term “child prisoners” and their good-hearted nature will automatically cause them to sympathise, without understanding the context of the situation.

This is what free university education in Scotland seems to be producing. A place for networking between Islamists and Leftists who share the same, insidious agenda. This weekend they brazenly take that agenda to the streets of Glasgow.

If you have the bad luck to come across them, ask them why they think it’s acceptable to support Jihad on the streets of Glasgow.

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