Islamist makes racist slurs against Scots

A high-profile Scottish Islamist has laid into the country in astonishing attack piece. Muslim Council of Scotland head of communications Omar Afzal wrote the hit piece for the anti-British “Commonspace” blog, edited by the dubious Angela haggerty.

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The piece entitled: “Why Scottish attitudes towards Muslims are not as progressive as the country often thinks”, was designed as part of increasing efforts to silence and incriminate all criticism of Islam.

The article states: “A study on Islamophobia in Edinburgh Schools revealed that more than half of Muslim secondary school children have suffered Islamophobic abuse, with primary school figures even higher”.

Now, at Column 5 we condemn any wanton abuse of people based upon identity. We respect that moderate muslims have suffered abuse as justifiable anger over Islamic terrorism and grooming-gangs begins to reach a critical mass.

Where we take issue with Afzal, is over the hypocrisy of his piece, given that he is employed by the racist and extremist Muslim Council of Scotland. The MCOS has been exposed on numerous occassions for it’s links to extremist groups.

The links to extremists is one thing, another is the sly campaign of oppression run by his organisation against the Ahmadi community.

Indeed, contrary to Afzal’s weasal words, Scots have been more than accommodating to Scotland’s Islamist comminity. When the Imam of Glasgow Central Mosque praised terrorist murderers in Pakistan, Scots gave no reaction, no protest. When the anti-Ahmadi rehtoric resulted in the death of shopkeeper Assad Shah, Scottish progressives gathered round the Islamist community to protect it from public scrutiny.

The abuse in schools, if it’s really happening, should also be condemned. But this is a drop in the ocean comapred to Islamist attempts to subvert education by introducing their extreme ideology into classrooms by stealth.

Where was Afzal’s condemnation then?

We gave Commonspace journos the opportunity to repond, but instead of condemning the racist behaviour of MCOS, Haggerty bravely slinked around in the background liking crass replies to us. Intrepid journalist, she is not.


haggy     commonspace


Haggerty is a well known anti-British subversive and no stranger to slurring Scotland. She has suggested that hatred of the IRA is equivalent to hating Ireland as a whole and that singing pro-IRA songs was “political expression”.

She was behind one of the architects of recent campaign by Scottish provo sympathisers to slur Scotland as an anti-Irish backwater, which included the disgraced George Galloway. She has worked closely with the racist and provo mouthpiece Phil McGilliven.

Here we see another champaigne socialist who is making a career out of a victimhood narrative, and using that career to make safe space for Islamists.

Image result for angela haggerty

Unconfirmed rumours emerging on social media suggest commonspace is partly funded by the notrious George Soros, in order to subvert British society.

As for Afzal and the MCOS, their narrative of unique Muslim victimhood is a tired one for all patriots. Thankfully, growing numbers of people see it for what it is – an attempt to change the law to make all criticism of Islam illegal.

At the minute, the plan is working for the Islamists due to a compliant media and establishment. But as more patriotic Brits wake up to the cultural disaster coming our way, the more likely it is that Afzal and his apologists like aspiring dhimmi Haggery, will one day face justice for their subverisve ways.



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