Pro-Palestinian academic bottles out of debate with Israeli advocate

A pro-Palestinian professor bowed to anti-Semitic pressure by pulling out of debate on Israel and Palestine in a shocking act of cowardice.

Henry Maitles, of the University of the West of Scotland, was due to debate the motion “Is Israel an apartheid state?”, with David Collier – a member of the Confederation of Friends of Israel (COFI) – at Strathclyde University.

See the source imageMaitles with Sharia Lawyer Tasmina Ahmed

The debate organised by Strathclyde Students for Academic Freedom (SSAF) had to be cancelled at the last minute as the group was unable to find a replacement.

David Collier David Collier

Friend’s of Palestine groups – unhappy withy the motion – were rumoured to have pressured Professor Maitles and coordinated other Pro-Palestinian activists to reject the invite of SSAF.

It is another example of Palestinian activists running away from fact-based debate with Israeli advocates because they fear the exposure of their anti-Semitic agenda. They’d rather slur Israel and close down all attempts to have a reasoned honest debate.

SSAF has said it plans to reschedule the event when a replacement can’t be found, Column 5 won’t hold it’s breath for a Palestinian activist to take up the challenge.

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