Arsalan Motavali: the SJW student who ruined his friends’ lives for political publicity

Arsalan Motavali is the perfect modern political psychopath that dominates the far-left and social justice causes across the Western world. Before all human relations, before all family, before all friends, comes one commitment to enforcing the tenets of social justice. These are the soulless entities that have broken our police, governments, businesses and fellow citizens. Take a read, and tell me you don’t agree.

A student who betrayed his friends to falsely have them accused of racism has received a vicious backlash on social media.

Arsalan Motavali took to Twitter to boast about grassing his Exeter University law society pals, and is even on the front page of the BBC News website.

Friends in a WhatsApp group were engaging in some dark humour, including jokes about rape and race.

However, a snake-like “friend” chose to screenshot them and send them to the university, demanding his “friends” are punished.

They have been expelled from the university, ending several potential careers in the law.

Let’s be clear – everyone, and I mean everyone, makes career-ending jokes.

Few, however, expect their friends to betray them on such a high level.

SMUG: Look at the Tweet, dripping with delight that his “friends” have had their lives ruined, because he wanted to feel special.

What sort of person grasses up their mates, ruins their lives and then brags about it on social media?

There are few people that display such little empathy, psychopaths.

Modern progressivism has created swathes of these beings that lack empathy, and put policing other people’s freedom to joke and have a laugh before close relationships.

It’s the same lack of empathy that fueled Soviet gulags and the Jewish Holocaust. At least, that’s where it started out – denouncements of friends, family, in pursuit of ideological aims for the remodelling of the world.

Arsalan Motavali is a chilling sort of human being, and one no person should associate with.

People who betray their friends in such a way are damaged entities and soulless vessels.

Clearly, he will win friends on the cold structures of progressivism, which puts “anti-racist” ideology at its centre.

Willfully, they remove context from everyday experiences, stories and humour, in a bid to satisfy a craving to exert their ideological will upon the world.

Social media, and being able to screenshot people, provides an excellent environment for those of the progressive society who relish on terrorising the population.

It’s reminiscint of the Nazi terror where the gestapo relied not on their own investigations to cause such horror. The population policed itself, with people like Arsalan Motavali denouncing their friends.

Let us all hope the truth hits home one day for Arsalan Motavali, and let us hope he feels the true shame of stabbing people he calls friends in the back.

There’s a special place in hell for that.

Here’s some of the BACKLASH:

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