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Feminist MSPs glazed with self-satisfaction as they hand themselves free fanny pads in Holyrood

Wealthy politicians have given themselves access to free tampons and wet wipes in Scotland – and are SO fucking proud of themselves.

Yes, that’s correct. High paid Members of the Scottish Parliament now get free fanny pads from the taxpayer.

They claim it’s to tackle “period poverty”, where the poorest of the poor cannot afford sanitary products.

But here we’re talking about the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, home to the high paid MSPs, their staff and parliament workers.

Not the schemes of Easterhouse or Drumchapel, where actual poverty exists in its droves.

Apparently, the poorest of the poor could be visiting the parliament too, and for that reason, there must be “universal” and “free” tampons.

They should know none of this feminist bullshit is free – it costs the public purse a lot.

Just like these other do-goodie policies from the Scottish National Party and their progressive allies in Labour and the Greens, it all costs us a fortune.

In Glasgow, around £2 million may be spent paying for a facility for junkies to shoot up heroin.

An actual facility for scumbag, criminal and stinking filth to go and inject their own heroin.

There’ll be little stalls for these skulking, disease-ridden, thieving wretches to jag up and get high, supervised by YOU, the taxpayer.

It’s pathetic, really, this way the politically correct SNP establishment cows before the most fucked up things.

Junkies contribute NOTHING to our society. Absolutely fucking NOTHING.

If anything, they should be left to wither away and die out in the harsh winter colds.

Really people have better priorities, such as education or perhaps battling child cancer.

Taxpayers should not have their hard-earned money funnelled into such dead-end causes for politicians to feel good about themselves.

Oh, can you imagine it when it happens? The expressions, the orgasmic relief, as they cream over doing the most anti-society, fucked up, and weird shit for self-satisfaction.

Junkies are obviously in a terrible state, but it’s entirely of their own doing, and let’s be honest, the money could be better spent elsewhere.

But approaching such a tabboo area of spending is what turns on these attention-hungry, politically correct, crazed progressives. We all know that.

These mutant heroin addicts don’t deserve and have not earned the respect of law-abiding human beings on this planet.

Heroin addicts, sanitary products to the liberal politicians… It’s a sickening waste.

If you’re going to give anyone free sanitary products, how about focus on schools in the most impoverished areas.

It’s clear 99% of the women in the Scottish Parliament’s fannies have dried up by now anyway.

I think it’s a natural result of feminism, for the fanny to close up and die off due to the extreme SJW-induced constant biochemical algorythms at work to be pissed off ALL the time.

And the few Dutch tourists or Arab wanderers who venture into the parliament aren’t really going to need these services.

All in all, it’s a total waste of money to make the parliament and its politicians look SO PROGRESSIVE and show off how cuddly and kind they are.

How about, we cut taxes to give working people more money so they can buy their own shit, instead of having these weird, inexperienced and frankly, fat bitch, politicians decide for us.

These politicians should be taken outside and flogged for this horrible policy.

SNP leader bills taxpayer £500k to get men out of politics

A whopping £500,000 of taxpayers’ money is going into a government project to dismiss men from political life in Scotland.

The move will see public money channelled into “grassroots” propaganda schemes to convince women to become politicians.

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon insisted more had to be done to decrease the number of males elected in Scotland.

It comes 100 years after women were granted the right to vote in the United Kingdom in the Representation of the People Act and then become MPs later in the year.

The broke SNP government has spent the last decade cutting from council budgets but has somehow managed to find extra funding for left-wing campaigners.

Constantly, they have blamed the Tory government in Westminster, yet still manage to find cash for social engineering projects like this.

This is a Scottish Government hell-bent on throwing men out of political life in Scotland to bring about “gender equality”.

The unnatural policy fails to take into account the different life choices women make regarding politics – less women are interested in politics, women are on average less ambitious and careerist than men.

There is so much research into how women and men differ in their life goals and character traits, but this is of no interest to the progressives.

The attack on men, especially white men, continues and will be of the detriment to society. Men are being punished for being men.

This demand for more women in politics implies men have done a bad job or that women could do better.

Maybe women could do better – but is there any evidence to suggest women in power actually improves anything?

Policies like this soothe the incredibly large egos of leading progressive figures in Scotland who compete to be the most “tolerant” and “liberal” politician.

Real people don’t give a rat’s arse about who is in charge, as long as they are doing their job.

Getting rid of men to put feminists in power is not going to help anything.

This fund is merely to provide resources for leftist groups to push propaganda and grow their various shrill and annoying campaigns.

Cultural Marxism, the theory that white men are out to oppress every minority, is complete codswallop, and certainly a motivation behind this policy.

It is so patronising to women to assume they need all of this extra help, with money which is mostly provided by successful men who pay their taxes.

The left needs to stop treating women as victims. They are not. They can stand on their own two feet and fight men on merit.

Scottish Government press release.

VIDEO: Crowd jeers at Cathy Newman as Jordan Peterson endures interview

A CRINGE-WORTHY Cathy Newman tried to take on Jordan B. Peterson with feminist platitudes this week. The results were hilarious and saw Dr Peterson run rings around the hysterical left-wing journalist. Constantly, she tried to pin Dr Peterson as some sort of woman-hating, transphobic, misogynist arsehole, and her voice even sounded like she was going to burst out in a FIT OF RAGE! Anyway, we made a video to celebrate this moment of quality TV.

Here’s the full interview: