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British Culture War: The Left’s treachery is total and irreversible. Time to get real.

The weekend of 9th and 10th of June 2018, and the events therein, will be remembered as a pivotal moment in the culture war threatening to turn Britain’s streets into a war-zone.

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Saturday 9th saw a massive demonstration by British patriots in favour of free speech, resulting from the ongoing political persecution of Human Rights campaigner Tommy Robinson.

The following day saw a demonstration by Jihadists and their enablers, known as Al Quds day – an invention of Islamic terror group Hamas – as the Islamist-Marxist alliance called for the destruction of Western Democracy and the genocide of Jews.

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Now, for seasoned watchers of this culture war, it’s unsurprising that such polarised events can take place in the same city, on the same weekend. Indeed, the reaction of the mainstream media shouldn’t have been a surprise either. Saturday’s protestors were smeared as Far-Right, yet Sunday’s protests were largely ignored.

However, the main take-away from this weekend’s events – again, this should come as no surprise to British patriots – was the reaction of the organised left, which felt like a watershed moment.

There were many patriots (myself included) who clung on to the admittedly naïve hope that when push came to shove, the organised left would not side with the Jihadists and would begin to amount a defence of free-speech – the very same free-speech Leftists rely on to undermine western Values.

Alas not.

Be in no doubt, push has come to shove. A human rights campaigner is in prison for 13 months for exposing Islamic paedophile gangs – this in the same period as Islamic hate-preacher Anjem Choudary was released from prison to continue his campaign against British democracy.

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It’s as if we are being purposely led to a point of no return.

The culture war can’t get any more serious without spilling over into outright civil revolt – we saw a brief glimpse of this on Saturday, as disillusioned patriots showed a willingness to fight back against increasingly sharia complaint authorities.

And so we must take stock of the realities we face. The left is not only a subversive element in our democracy, it is openly taking the side of the Islamist on the most serious of issues. Indeed, I would argue they are using Islamists for their own treacherous ends.

The reaction of various Leftist parties, such as the Socialist Workers Party and Scottish Socialist Party, in smearing ordinary working class Brits for having the audacity to stand up for their hard-won freedoms – while remaining silent the very next day as Jihadists took over London – shows that the left has no moral currency.

They didn’t have the excuse that the events were unrelated or that the Jihadist event was small or any of the other lame excuses for their capitulation – the two events happened one day after the next and were plastered all over the internet. They couldn’t be missed, unless on purpose.

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Make no mistake, the left are partisans in this culture war. They have their own totalitarian designs for our country. The culture war is not limited to freedom loving patriots against Jihadists. The left are playing their own subversive role for their own treacherous ends.

It’s time to take off the kid-gloves. The advance of Islamism would not have been possible without leftist enablers. Break the Neo-Marxist stranglehold on Western Culture – with its political correctness and doctrine of Western Guilt – and the Islamists will lose their foothold.

The left must be considered not merely in the same terms as Islamists, but as the primary enemy in this culture war. 



Pro-Palestinian academic bottles out of debate with Israeli advocate

A pro-Palestinian professor bowed to anti-Semitic pressure by pulling out of debate on Israel and Palestine in a shocking act of cowardice.

Henry Maitles, of the University of the West of Scotland, was due to debate the motion “Is Israel an apartheid state?”, with David Collier – a member of the Confederation of Friends of Israel (COFI) – at Strathclyde University.

See the source imageMaitles with Sharia Lawyer Tasmina Ahmed

The debate organised by Strathclyde Students for Academic Freedom (SSAF) had to be cancelled at the last minute as the group was unable to find a replacement.

David Collier David Collier

Friend’s of Palestine groups – unhappy withy the motion – were rumoured to have pressured Professor Maitles and coordinated other Pro-Palestinian activists to reject the invite of SSAF.

It is another example of Palestinian activists running away from fact-based debate with Israeli advocates because they fear the exposure of their anti-Semitic agenda. They’d rather slur Israel and close down all attempts to have a reasoned honest debate.

SSAF has said it plans to reschedule the event when a replacement can’t be found, Column 5 won’t hold it’s breath for a Palestinian activist to take up the challenge.

Muslim Council of Scotland in anti-Semitic boycott

“The last hour (judgement day) will not come until the Muslims fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the Gharqad tree would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.”

[Sahih Muslim 41:6985, Sahih Bukhari 4:56:791] Islamic scripture

Image result for swastika on koran 3rd Reich edition of the Koran

The fall out from the farcical Glasgow March Against Racism seems to show no sign of abating.

Column 5 wrote about the treatment of the Glasgow Friends of Israel (GFI) group as they were harassed with anti-Semitic chants by Islamists, Marxists and Irish Republicans  on the march through Glasgow city centre.

Now we can report that the Muslim Council of Scotland (MCS) boycotted the march due to the presence of GFI.

MCS attempts to cloak it’s anti-Semitism by claiming to be “anti-Zionist”. But this is a smokescreen. Zionism is merely the belief that the Jews are entitled to a national homeland – to oppose this means that you don’t believe the Jews have a place in the world and should not entitled to the same rights as any other nation.

As the quoted Hadith shows, this anti-Semitic belief stems directly from Islamic scripture.

Image result for nazi mufti Nazi Mufti

Of course, there were other Jewish groups on the march, but the Islamists at MCS only want the right kind of Jew. The kind that won’t stand up and assert their rights to a homeland. The willing Dhimmi and payer of Jizya.

The MCS has made a song and dance about “Islamophobic” behaviour in Scotland – which appears to be limited to looking at a Muslim the wrong way at a bus-stop, and making fun of backward cultural practices like the Hijab – yet is has a terrible record of standing in solidarity with other groups when they ask for public support. It even boycotted Holocaust memorial events until recently.

It also has a history of running it’s own campaigns of suppression.

It’s clear tolerance is a one way street as far as MCS is concerned. And, as Scotland’s largest Islamic advocacy group, this should worry all of us.

It leads us to ask if the group is representative of the views of mainstream Muslims. If not, one would expect more Muslims to speak out against the group – any time now would be great, thanks – because it’s smearing their name whether they like it or not.

The hitherto lack of condemnation from leading Muslims seems to confirm our worst fears – anti-Semitism is already a problem for British Muslims.

Column 5 stands in total solidarity with GFI over these anti-Semitic actions and against increasing anti-Semitism (see the Labour Party), from the alliance of Marxists and Islamists.

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Islamists, Communists and Provos join forces to harass Jewish Group in Glasgow

Saturday’s march against racism descended into farce as the Marxist-Islamist alliance, along with hard-core Irish Republicans sought to intimidate a Jewish group who had been invited to join the march.

The annual march was attended by “Glasgow Friends of Israel” (GFI), an organisation which has promoted peace and cooperation with Muslims.

Members of the Islamist “Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign” (SPCS), the Irish Republican “Red Front Republic (RFR) and various extreme communists grouped together to keep GFI away from the marchers. This involved jostling members (many of whom are elderly), screaming anti-Semitic bile in their faces and spitting.


This Marxist-Islamist alliance is something Column 5 has reported before, but the addition of the RFR is one that should cause great concern. RFR members wear balaclavas and their open support for the IRA’s various campaigns of terror should have citizens concerned with the direction the group is taking.

At best they are little boys playing dress-up – at worst they are proto-terrorists, whose first attack could be just around the corner. The recent conviction of numerous republicans for terror related events show that this element is still very much active in Scotland.

The RFR has strong links with the Ultras group of Celtic FC, known as the Green Brigade (GB). GB has lots of previous for supporting terrorists and has been guilty of anti-Semitism on numerous occasions. Despite this, GB is officially endorsed by Celtic FC.



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The leaders of SPSC, including the unhinged Mick Napier (pictured) who also has links to the GB and CFC, have been arrested numerous times for targeting Jewish businesses in a hate campaign. They have also associated themselves with numerous holocaust deniers.

See the source image

However, Saturday’s events show that this campaign has moved onto a new, sinister public phase. The alliance seems to show no fear of the authorities and this will be of great concern to the Jewish community as a whole.

Yet, credit to GFI as they eventually managed to complete the march despite intense provocation and intimidation from start to finish.

Column 5 would like to offer our complete solidarity with GFI in the face of this ramping up of intimidation tactics by the Islamist-Marxist – and now Irish republican alliance.

This alliance has no place in Scotland, let alone marching our streets intimidating citizens. It’s time to keep a closer eye on these groups and put the spotlight on their shady actions.

If anyone has any more information on these groups, contact Column 5 and we will investigate.


***This was a statement made on the Facebook page of GFI convener Nigel Goodrich:

“On Saturday March 17 COFIS will once again march with many others against racism. COFIS abhors all forms of racism.

We have been made aware of aggressive attempts to prevent us from taking part, orchestrated by the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC). A detailed report published by Jewish Human Rights Watch in August 2017, written by respected researcher David Collier, revealed that 40% of posters on SPSC social media regularly posted antisemitic and/or holocaust-denying propaganda. Eminent Sunday Times columnist Alex Massie said in an article condemning this that “no decent person should associate themselves with the SPSC”. The leader of the SPSC has been convicted and sentenced recently for his criminal behavior in relation to his harassment of a Jewish businessman. Other prominent members of the SPSC have convictions for aggravated trespass with a racially aggravated element.

When compared to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism, adopted by the European UK and Scottish parliaments, the behaviour of the SPSC is clearly antisemitic and hence racist. We look forward to marching with all those who understand that antisemitism is racism, and hence a crime, on Saturday.”

Islamist students plan pro-terror rally in Glasgow on Saturday

Students from Glasgow and Strathclyde Universities will gather in support of an Islamist imprisoned in Israel.

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The Universities’ “Friends of Palestine” societies have teamed up with Islamist groups, “Ah Al-Bait” and the “Muslim Council of Scotland”, and various hard-left communists to call for the release of Ahed Tamimi, 17, who was jailed for a racist assault on an Israeli soldier in the village of Nabi Salih, in the West Bank.

The protestors claim that Tamimi is a “child” (she was 16 at the time of the attack) her imprisonment is unjust and that her hate-filled, racist assault should be ignored. However, as is to be expected with claims made by “Friends of Palestine”, there’s more than meets the eye – a lot more.

A cursory glance at Tamimi and her family’s connections to the Islamic-fascist, terrorist organisation “Hamas” suggests, at best, that Tamimi is a political pawn to gain international support for Hamas’ ruthless Jihad to wipe Israel off the map.

Her father Bassem Tamimi has been convicted of instigating violent protests against Jews.

Indeed, Tamimi herself has been recorded calling for acts of violence against Israeli forces, including stabbings and suicide bombings.


Regardless of age, this should be taken seriously given the number of Muslims, children included, who’ve already blown themselves up during the Jihad to drive Jews from the middle-east and various other Jihads worldwide.

While the footage of Tamimi’s attack shows the kind of feeble assault one would expect from a young female, the venom with which she delivered it cannot be ignored, in light of her racist proclamations.

The claims that Tamimi is a child is a red-herring. In Islam, a woman may be considered an adult as young as 9 – the age of the prophet Muhammed’s wife when they consummated their marriage. He married her at when she was 6 years old.

Muslims are taught from a young age to take up Jihad against Israel.

The Islamists hosting this protest are well aware of this. Indeed, this isn’t limited to Islamic societies, as Muslims in the UK have recently been fighting to uphold their right to sexualise children in British schools.

It’s safe to say that their idea of childhood is not the same as ours.

pally kids 2

This appears to be another example of Islamists weaponising children and taking advantage of our civilised laws to win support for their savage agenda.

And so, how do we judge this situation? If we take the Islamic idea of childhood, then Tamimi is indeed old enough to be responsible for her actions and should be tried accordingly.

If we judge by own standards, Tamimi is a minor who is being manipulated by Islamist parents to take a part in a deadly Jihad. As such, her parents should stand trial instead.

Either way, it’s clear this situation isn’t as black and white as the protestors will have you believe. What we do know, is that Ahed Tamimi is a troubled young person – a danger to herself and others.

Yet this Saturday, Glasgow will be treated to the sight of, flabby leftists and veiled Islamists taking part in a racist protest supporting Jihad – not the first time the Islamist-Communist axis has met in Glasgow – while themselves playing the victims.

Sadly, unsuspecting shoppers will hear the term “child prisoners” and their good-hearted nature will automatically cause them to sympathise, without understanding the context of the situation.

This is what free university education in Scotland seems to be producing. A place for networking between Islamists and Leftists who share the same, insidious agenda. This weekend they brazenly take that agenda to the streets of Glasgow.

If you have the bad luck to come across them, ask them why they think it’s acceptable to support Jihad on the streets of Glasgow.

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