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Leftist academic in fresh anti-British slur, with racist attack on Royals.

Leftist ‘academic’ Kehinde Andrews has launched another racist attack on the British people – this time centred around the Royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, with attacks focused on the Royal family itself.

Andrews, a prolific contributor to the seditious anti-British narrative which seeps from every leftist pore, corroding the national consciousness – and no stranger to Column 5 – is billed as a ‘Professor of Black Studies’ at Birmingham University, no less.

Unsatisfied that the new Duchess of Sussex is a ‘person of colour’, (Markle’s mother is black), Andrews spewed that the Royal family will do all it can to ensure Markle ‘passes as white’.

Image result for harry meghan weddingHarry and Meghan

According to Andrews, ‘the only way she can be a princess is to downplay her blackness’.

What we shouldn’t downplay is Andrews’ blatant mental disorder. After all, isn’t judging someone by skin colour (racism) socially accepted as some kind of mental deficiency? Does a man who accuses every white person of inherent racism not fit this bill?

Aren’t we all the same? Is the professor suggesting there are inherent genetic differences in races?

Apparently Markle can’t “embody her blackness“. Whatever does that mean, ‘Professor’? How does one embody blackness, ‘Professor’? How does one embody whiteness, ‘Professor’?

If we employ Andrews’, presumably black(?), version of the scientific method, we might also come to the conclusion that it is acceptable to generalise and stigmatise entire races.

As such, by looking through Andrews’ lens, we have some questions as to how he thinks Markle should have embodied her blackness at the Royal wedding.

Should she have twerked her way up the aisle? Instead of kissing the bride, should they have done a hi-5 and made gang signs? Perhaps Harry will elope after the first child is born – although, surely  in this case, the British idea of marriage itself then also becomes ‘unblack’?

Image result for crips gunsEmbodying Blackness? 

Should she have shot a police officer? Organised a drive-by for the white supremacists in the crowd? Should the first dance have been ‘Fuck tha Police’ by N Words With Attitude?

Should the meal have been fried chicken? Or perhaps no meal at all?

On second thoughts, let’s not look through Andrews’ lens. Andrews’ lens is racist. Andrews’ lens is deranged. Andrews’ likes to demonise entire groups of people (white people) and call it academia.

But what if everybody done the same? The racist stereotypes that we just used above would be the norm, from all sides. Is this really what he wants? Or does he just want it to go one way?

Andrews’ narrative is a social cancer. Initially, the British people were cowed, sympathetic and down on ourselves as a result. If comments’ sections alone for such articles are anything to go by, that initial guilt has turned to indifference and moving towards outright reaction – the type of reaction we demonstrated above. And it isn’t pretty.

We at Column 5 want to avoid that reaction becoming mainstream. This is the single most tolerant country in human history and we would prefer to keep it that way – no half-baked, subversive ‘academic’ can be allowed to alter that.

We are tolerant. To a point. We will not tolerate those who are intolerant of us.

Andrews and his cancerous ideology must be opposed. We are not going to do it by rising above, we can only do it by pointing out the complete folly Andrews’ creed and showing the inevitable, disastrous consequences of pandering to it.