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Shocking video sums up the hellhole that is Sturgeon’s Govanhill

A shocking video has emerged of a pair of Roma Gypsies stealing from a charity clothes drop-off point. The video, captured in the First Minister’s crime-ravaged constituency of Govanhill shows an older Roma woman giving a leg-up to a child in order to reach into the clothes point – owned by Jihadist linked charity ‘Islamic relief’.

The beleaguered area on Glasgow’s south side has suffered an epidemic of rampant crime over recent decades, largely fuelled by wave after wave of third world immigration.

The crimes are diverse, ranging from child-sex trafficking, rape, prostitution, drugs, violent (migrant) gang-crime, housebreaking, muggings – all of this on top of squalid living conditions, with overcrowding rampant among the Roma and Pakistani community.

Image result for govanhill povertySturgeon’s Contituency

Sturgeon has refused to accept the seriousness of the situation. Instead, her party advocates exacerbating the problems with their unyielding commitment to the European Union, uncontrolled immigration and multiculturalism – at taxpayer expense.

She is supported by taxpayer funded activists (mostly not from Govanhill or newcomers) who run ‘Govanhill Baths’ – a stronghold of the Islamist-Marxist axis) where workers are paid to promote a positive image of Govanhill, with ‘cultural events’ such as knitting events for the Roma community. The Baths receive the lion-share of community funding in the area, much to the resentment of the local community.

See the source imageSign: Govanhill say no to muggings

Yet, as the elderly fear to leave their homes at night, tension simmers within the local residents of Govanhill.

Govanhill is a portrait of Britain’s failed multicultural experiment.


Note: Islamic Relief will keep – for now.


British Culture War: The Left’s treachery is total and irreversible. Time to get real.

The weekend of 9th and 10th of June 2018, and the events therein, will be remembered as a pivotal moment in the culture war threatening to turn Britain’s streets into a war-zone.

Image result for free tommy march Patriots fight for freedom

Saturday 9th saw a massive demonstration by British patriots in favour of free speech, resulting from the ongoing political persecution of Human Rights campaigner Tommy Robinson.

The following day saw a demonstration by Jihadists and their enablers, known as Al Quds day – an invention of Islamic terror group Hamas – as the Islamist-Marxist alliance called for the destruction of Western Democracy and the genocide of Jews.

Image result for al quds march Islamists call for genocide

Now, for seasoned watchers of this culture war, it’s unsurprising that such polarised events can take place in the same city, on the same weekend. Indeed, the reaction of the mainstream media shouldn’t have been a surprise either. Saturday’s protestors were smeared as Far-Right, yet Sunday’s protests were largely ignored.

However, the main take-away from this weekend’s events – again, this should come as no surprise to British patriots – was the reaction of the organised left, which felt like a watershed moment.

There were many patriots (myself included) who clung on to the admittedly naïve hope that when push came to shove, the organised left would not side with the Jihadists and would begin to amount a defence of free-speech – the very same free-speech Leftists rely on to undermine western Values.

Alas not.

Be in no doubt, push has come to shove. A human rights campaigner is in prison for 13 months for exposing Islamic paedophile gangs – this in the same period as Islamic hate-preacher Anjem Choudary was released from prison to continue his campaign against British democracy.

Image result for anjem choudary Anjem Choudary

It’s as if we are being purposely led to a point of no return.

The culture war can’t get any more serious without spilling over into outright civil revolt – we saw a brief glimpse of this on Saturday, as disillusioned patriots showed a willingness to fight back against increasingly sharia complaint authorities.

And so we must take stock of the realities we face. The left is not only a subversive element in our democracy, it is openly taking the side of the Islamist on the most serious of issues. Indeed, I would argue they are using Islamists for their own treacherous ends.

The reaction of various Leftist parties, such as the Socialist Workers Party and Scottish Socialist Party, in smearing ordinary working class Brits for having the audacity to stand up for their hard-won freedoms – while remaining silent the very next day as Jihadists took over London – shows that the left has no moral currency.

They didn’t have the excuse that the events were unrelated or that the Jihadist event was small or any of the other lame excuses for their capitulation – the two events happened one day after the next and were plastered all over the internet. They couldn’t be missed, unless on purpose.

Image result for antifa uk Marxist-Islamist alliance

Make no mistake, the left are partisans in this culture war. They have their own totalitarian designs for our country. The culture war is not limited to freedom loving patriots against Jihadists. The left are playing their own subversive role for their own treacherous ends.

It’s time to take off the kid-gloves. The advance of Islamism would not have been possible without leftist enablers. Break the Neo-Marxist stranglehold on Western Culture – with its political correctness and doctrine of Western Guilt – and the Islamists will lose their foothold.

The left must be considered not merely in the same terms as Islamists, but as the primary enemy in this culture war. 



Tommy Robinson’s crisis, Sajid Javid’s opportunity?

The highly politicised arrest of prominent journalist and free-speech advocate Tommy Robinson has unleashed a wave of outrage across Britain.

Robinson, one of the country’s best known Human Rights activists, was arrested doing his job outside Leeds court.  There to document another Islamic grooming gang case, he was arrested on a Breach of the Peace charge and subsequently sentenced to 13 months in prison – simply for the act of reporting on child molesters.

Image result for tommy robinson oxford

The incident gave another chilling example of the depths to which the state will stoop in order to protect child abusers – especially when those child abusers are of the Islamic variety.

This particular case received so little mainstream coverage as to be negligible. Robinson, a former journalist for Rebel Media, was simply in attendance to document and issue that our entire civil society is scared to face up to – which is, large groups of Muslim men (predominantly Pakistani) forcing young (white) girls to be their sex slaves, in towns and cities all across the nation.

Numerous governments, criminal in their neglect, have effectively facilitated the rise of these grooming gangs over a period of decades. The responsibility for internal British issues ultimately falls at the door of the Home Secretary – one Sajid Javid, recently appointed by Prime Minister Theresa May.

Image result for tommy robinson rebel media

Javid claims to be a non-muslim, yet swore the oath of Parliament on the Koran – which gives us legitimate reason to think that he’s lying to the British people about his faith. His wife and children are practicing Muslims.

In fairness to Javid, we have not seen the links to Jihadists that seem to go hand in hand with many Muslim politicians – and we have looked for them. In doing so we found, through his career in finance, that he appears to be the archetypal Tory.

The Jury is out on Javid, so we will give him the benefit of the doubt – while continuing to ask of him, the questions of hardened sceptics, as should happen with any politician.

Javid, only recently appointed as Home Sec, is dealing with the biggest cultural crisis of modern times, as millions of angry patriots prepare to take radical action against the erosion and destruction of Britain’s hard won freedoms.

You might be forgiven for being sympathetic towards Javid walking into such a powder-keg situation. Yet, in the spirit of scepticism, given his apparent attempts to mislead the people on matters of faith, we should employ caution when attempting to establish Javid’s motives.

The extreme sceptic might suggest its more than a coincidence that Robinson was arrested so soon after Javid came to power – that, as Home Secretary, he might be orchestrating the whole affair to bring about the demise of a fierce and popular opponent.


Given that Britain’s jails are ruled by the most notorious Islamists who radicalise vulnerable prisoners by running a Sharia compliant prison, ruled by force, Robinson will be/is number 1 target.

His life is in great danger.

We shouldn’t have to spell out the potential ramifications of one of Britain’s leading human’s rights activists and journalists being murdered inside prison, after being placed in danger through politicised charges.

Conversely for Javid, this might also be a possibility which subsequently allows him to play the Good Muslim and personally intervene to free Robinson – hoping to drum up sympathy for a future run for Tory leadership and subsequently Number 10.

However, as mentioned, at Column 5 we prefer to use the benefit of doubt and apply caution when judging a person’s character, until we find concrete evidence to the contrary. As such, we will take Javid at his word as a man of peace.

Indeed, Tommy Robinson’s crisis gives Javid an almost perfect opportunity to prove this. The Home Sec, as mentioned, has the power to intervene in such case.

Javid should take that opportunity and couple it with a widespread investigation into Islamic grooming gangs and other general nefarious goings-on in that “community”. It would send a clear message that he is a Home Sec for all and not just for a privileged minority.

We sincerely hope he takes that stance.

Whatever Javid does, in the short-term, anger will continue to bubble as the oppression of patriots continues – the mass march in support of Robinson (as well as worldwide messages of support) on 9th June in London has shown that the people are fully awake. Temporarily directionless, no doubt, but awake nonetheless and bitterly disillusioned.

If Robinson is harmed in prison, this powder-keg situation could explode.

Our advice to Javid: Handle with Care.


Leftist academic in fresh anti-British slur, with racist attack on Royals.

Leftist ‘academic’ Kehinde Andrews has launched another racist attack on the British people – this time centred around the Royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, with attacks focused on the Royal family itself.

Andrews, a prolific contributor to the seditious anti-British narrative which seeps from every leftist pore, corroding the national consciousness – and no stranger to Column 5 – is billed as a ‘Professor of Black Studies’ at Birmingham University, no less.

Unsatisfied that the new Duchess of Sussex is a ‘person of colour’, (Markle’s mother is black), Andrews spewed that the Royal family will do all it can to ensure Markle ‘passes as white’.

Image result for harry meghan weddingHarry and Meghan

According to Andrews, ‘the only way she can be a princess is to downplay her blackness’.

What we shouldn’t downplay is Andrews’ blatant mental disorder. After all, isn’t judging someone by skin colour (racism) socially accepted as some kind of mental deficiency? Does a man who accuses every white person of inherent racism not fit this bill?

Aren’t we all the same? Is the professor suggesting there are inherent genetic differences in races?

Apparently Markle can’t “embody her blackness“. Whatever does that mean, ‘Professor’? How does one embody blackness, ‘Professor’? How does one embody whiteness, ‘Professor’?

If we employ Andrews’, presumably black(?), version of the scientific method, we might also come to the conclusion that it is acceptable to generalise and stigmatise entire races.

As such, by looking through Andrews’ lens, we have some questions as to how he thinks Markle should have embodied her blackness at the Royal wedding.

Should she have twerked her way up the aisle? Instead of kissing the bride, should they have done a hi-5 and made gang signs? Perhaps Harry will elope after the first child is born – although, surely  in this case, the British idea of marriage itself then also becomes ‘unblack’?

Image result for crips gunsEmbodying Blackness? 

Should she have shot a police officer? Organised a drive-by for the white supremacists in the crowd? Should the first dance have been ‘Fuck tha Police’ by N Words With Attitude?

Should the meal have been fried chicken? Or perhaps no meal at all?

On second thoughts, let’s not look through Andrews’ lens. Andrews’ lens is racist. Andrews’ lens is deranged. Andrews’ likes to demonise entire groups of people (white people) and call it academia.

But what if everybody done the same? The racist stereotypes that we just used above would be the norm, from all sides. Is this really what he wants? Or does he just want it to go one way?

Andrews’ narrative is a social cancer. Initially, the British people were cowed, sympathetic and down on ourselves as a result. If comments’ sections alone for such articles are anything to go by, that initial guilt has turned to indifference and moving towards outright reaction – the type of reaction we demonstrated above. And it isn’t pretty.

We at Column 5 want to avoid that reaction becoming mainstream. This is the single most tolerant country in human history and we would prefer to keep it that way – no half-baked, subversive ‘academic’ can be allowed to alter that.

We are tolerant. To a point. We will not tolerate those who are intolerant of us.

Andrews and his cancerous ideology must be opposed. We are not going to do it by rising above, we can only do it by pointing out the complete folly Andrews’ creed and showing the inevitable, disastrous consequences of pandering to it.

A day of rage against Angela Haggerty

Gobshite Angela Haggerty has landed herself in it again – this time accidentally exposing the girlfriend of Mhairi Black MP.

Yes, she has a girlfriend. Take this moment to be SICK in the closest bin.

Okay, now that’s over, Twitter has gone to shit because Haggerty exposed SJW tweeter Katie McGarvie as the lesbian MP’s girlfriend.

Take a look for yourself.

At first, everyone though she’d outed her as a lesbian, but it turned out she was already known to be gay.

Apparently, this was one of the Vatican’s deepest holy secrets, that she was the girlfriend of Mhairi Black, a masculine SNP female politician.

Anyway, the cuddly left in Scotland has spent the last day-and-a-half spewing its guts out at Haggerty even after she apologised.

The chaos will certainly impact upon her role as news editor at the Sunday Herald, a respected publication that took on newspaper newbie Haggerty.

It comes at a time when the Sunday Herald is under siege from the remnants of the Yes campaign and the SNP devout.

The publication DARED to challenge Queen Nicola Sturgeon to bring some order to her bile-spewing rabble they call the “cybernats”.

This has not worked and they have pounced on Haggerty for more than a day now, relentlessly barraging her with abuse, under what must be one of Scotland’s biggest non-Tory/Labour dogpile.

The left in Scotland is DEVOURING itself.

You cannot help but sit back and watch with pleasure as it happens.

But the leading lights of ultra-progressivism in Scotland seldom break rank and attack each other.

The key moment to look out for is to see what the crazed, acid-spitting commentary clique Cat Boyd, Vonny Moyes, Kirsty Strikland and the rest of them nutters will do to their “sister”.

Half-male Stephen Paton has broke rank and retweeted an outraged tweet about Haggerty, who he shares an office with.

The charge has undoubtedly been led by the grand cybernat Wings Over Scotland, a middle aged man who sits in a house in England writing articles about Scottish politics.

The next time someone tries to convince you the left is the friendly, inclusive place it thinks itself as, just look at how relentlessly they tear each other apart.

Over what? Outing someone’s girlfriend? What a sad, fragile bunch they are.


Islamist makes racist slurs against Scots

A high-profile Scottish Islamist has laid into the country in astonishing attack piece. Muslim Council of Scotland head of communications Omar Afzal wrote the hit piece for the anti-British “Commonspace” blog, edited by the dubious Angela haggerty.

See the source image

The piece entitled: “Why Scottish attitudes towards Muslims are not as progressive as the country often thinks”, was designed as part of increasing efforts to silence and incriminate all criticism of Islam.

The article states: “A study on Islamophobia in Edinburgh Schools revealed that more than half of Muslim secondary school children have suffered Islamophobic abuse, with primary school figures even higher”.

Now, at Column 5 we condemn any wanton abuse of people based upon identity. We respect that moderate muslims have suffered abuse as justifiable anger over Islamic terrorism and grooming-gangs begins to reach a critical mass.

Where we take issue with Afzal, is over the hypocrisy of his piece, given that he is employed by the racist and extremist Muslim Council of Scotland. The MCOS has been exposed on numerous occassions for it’s links to extremist groups.

The links to extremists is one thing, another is the sly campaign of oppression run by his organisation against the Ahmadi community.

Indeed, contrary to Afzal’s weasal words, Scots have been more than accommodating to Scotland’s Islamist comminity. When the Imam of Glasgow Central Mosque praised terrorist murderers in Pakistan, Scots gave no reaction, no protest. When the anti-Ahmadi rehtoric resulted in the death of shopkeeper Assad Shah, Scottish progressives gathered round the Islamist community to protect it from public scrutiny.

The abuse in schools, if it’s really happening, should also be condemned. But this is a drop in the ocean comapred to Islamist attempts to subvert education by introducing their extreme ideology into classrooms by stealth.

Where was Afzal’s condemnation then?

We gave Commonspace journos the opportunity to repond, but instead of condemning the racist behaviour of MCOS, Haggerty bravely slinked around in the background liking crass replies to us. Intrepid journalist, she is not.


haggy     commonspace


Haggerty is a well known anti-British subversive and no stranger to slurring Scotland. She has suggested that hatred of the IRA is equivalent to hating Ireland as a whole and that singing pro-IRA songs was “political expression”.

She was behind one of the architects of recent campaign by Scottish provo sympathisers to slur Scotland as an anti-Irish backwater, which included the disgraced George Galloway. She has worked closely with the racist and provo mouthpiece Phil McGilliven.

Here we see another champaigne socialist who is making a career out of a victimhood narrative, and using that career to make safe space for Islamists.

Image result for angela haggerty

Unconfirmed rumours emerging on social media suggest commonspace is partly funded by the notrious George Soros, in order to subvert British society.

As for Afzal and the MCOS, their narrative of unique Muslim victimhood is a tired one for all patriots. Thankfully, growing numbers of people see it for what it is – an attempt to change the law to make all criticism of Islam illegal.

At the minute, the plan is working for the Islamists due to a compliant media and establishment. But as more patriotic Brits wake up to the cultural disaster coming our way, the more likely it is that Afzal and his apologists like aspiring dhimmi Haggery, will one day face justice for their subverisve ways.



SNP leader bills taxpayer £500k to get men out of politics

A whopping £500,000 of taxpayers’ money is going into a government project to dismiss men from political life in Scotland.

The move will see public money channelled into “grassroots” propaganda schemes to convince women to become politicians.

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon insisted more had to be done to decrease the number of males elected in Scotland.

It comes 100 years after women were granted the right to vote in the United Kingdom in the Representation of the People Act and then become MPs later in the year.

The broke SNP government has spent the last decade cutting from council budgets but has somehow managed to find extra funding for left-wing campaigners.

Constantly, they have blamed the Tory government in Westminster, yet still manage to find cash for social engineering projects like this.

This is a Scottish Government hell-bent on throwing men out of political life in Scotland to bring about “gender equality”.

The unnatural policy fails to take into account the different life choices women make regarding politics – less women are interested in politics, women are on average less ambitious and careerist than men.

There is so much research into how women and men differ in their life goals and character traits, but this is of no interest to the progressives.

The attack on men, especially white men, continues and will be of the detriment to society. Men are being punished for being men.

This demand for more women in politics implies men have done a bad job or that women could do better.

Maybe women could do better – but is there any evidence to suggest women in power actually improves anything?

Policies like this soothe the incredibly large egos of leading progressive figures in Scotland who compete to be the most “tolerant” and “liberal” politician.

Real people don’t give a rat’s arse about who is in charge, as long as they are doing their job.

Getting rid of men to put feminists in power is not going to help anything.

This fund is merely to provide resources for leftist groups to push propaganda and grow their various shrill and annoying campaigns.

Cultural Marxism, the theory that white men are out to oppress every minority, is complete codswallop, and certainly a motivation behind this policy.

It is so patronising to women to assume they need all of this extra help, with money which is mostly provided by successful men who pay their taxes.

The left needs to stop treating women as victims. They are not. They can stand on their own two feet and fight men on merit.

Scottish Government press release.