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Shocking video sums up the hellhole that is Sturgeon’s Govanhill

A shocking video has emerged of a pair of Roma Gypsies stealing from a charity clothes drop-off point. The video, captured in the First Minister’s crime-ravaged constituency of Govanhill shows an older Roma woman giving a leg-up to a child in order to reach into the clothes point – owned by Jihadist linked charity ‘Islamic relief’.

The beleaguered area on Glasgow’s south side has suffered an epidemic of rampant crime over recent decades, largely fuelled by wave after wave of third world immigration.

The crimes are diverse, ranging from child-sex trafficking, rape, prostitution, drugs, violent (migrant) gang-crime, housebreaking, muggings – all of this on top of squalid living conditions, with overcrowding rampant among the Roma and Pakistani community.

Image result for govanhill povertySturgeon’s Contituency

Sturgeon has refused to accept the seriousness of the situation. Instead, her party advocates exacerbating the problems with their unyielding commitment to the European Union, uncontrolled immigration and multiculturalism – at taxpayer expense.

She is supported by taxpayer funded activists (mostly not from Govanhill or newcomers) who run ‘Govanhill Baths’ – a stronghold of the Islamist-Marxist axis) where workers are paid to promote a positive image of Govanhill, with ‘cultural events’ such as knitting events for the Roma community. The Baths receive the lion-share of community funding in the area, much to the resentment of the local community.

See the source imageSign: Govanhill say no to muggings

Yet, as the elderly fear to leave their homes at night, tension simmers within the local residents of Govanhill.

Govanhill is a portrait of Britain’s failed multicultural experiment.


Note: Islamic Relief will keep – for now.


A day of rage against Angela Haggerty

Gobshite Angela Haggerty has landed herself in it again – this time accidentally exposing the girlfriend of Mhairi Black MP.

Yes, she has a girlfriend. Take this moment to be SICK in the closest bin.

Okay, now that’s over, Twitter has gone to shit because Haggerty exposed SJW tweeter Katie McGarvie as the lesbian MP’s girlfriend.

Take a look for yourself.

At first, everyone though she’d outed her as a lesbian, but it turned out she was already known to be gay.

Apparently, this was one of the Vatican’s deepest holy secrets, that she was the girlfriend of Mhairi Black, a masculine SNP female politician.

Anyway, the cuddly left in Scotland has spent the last day-and-a-half spewing its guts out at Haggerty even after she apologised.

The chaos will certainly impact upon her role as news editor at the Sunday Herald, a respected publication that took on newspaper newbie Haggerty.

It comes at a time when the Sunday Herald is under siege from the remnants of the Yes campaign and the SNP devout.

The publication DARED to challenge Queen Nicola Sturgeon to bring some order to her bile-spewing rabble they call the “cybernats”.

This has not worked and they have pounced on Haggerty for more than a day now, relentlessly barraging her with abuse, under what must be one of Scotland’s biggest non-Tory/Labour dogpile.

The left in Scotland is DEVOURING itself.

You cannot help but sit back and watch with pleasure as it happens.

But the leading lights of ultra-progressivism in Scotland seldom break rank and attack each other.

The key moment to look out for is to see what the crazed, acid-spitting commentary clique Cat Boyd, Vonny Moyes, Kirsty Strikland and the rest of them nutters will do to their “sister”.

Half-male Stephen Paton has broke rank and retweeted an outraged tweet about Haggerty, who he shares an office with.

The charge has undoubtedly been led by the grand cybernat Wings Over Scotland, a middle aged man who sits in a house in England writing articles about Scottish politics.

The next time someone tries to convince you the left is the friendly, inclusive place it thinks itself as, just look at how relentlessly they tear each other apart.

Over what? Outing someone’s girlfriend? What a sad, fragile bunch they are.


Glasgow pub to host IRA event on day of Old Firm game.

A pub in Glasgow City Centre will host an event celebrating IRA terrorism – on the same day as the Old Firm game between Rangers and the Irish sporting franchise known as Celtic FC.

malones 3  malones 2

Malone’s Bar on Sauchiehall Lane will host the event featuring “Gary OG”, who sings homage to the IRA and includes the racist song “Sean South” as part of his repertoire. The line up also includes “Rebel Band” Tír Chonaill.

The event at Malone’s begins before the match at Parkhead, in which the Irish franchise have the opportunity to wrap up the SPL title on home turf against their deadly, and more illustrious rivals Rangers.

Celtic’s support for the IRA is well known.

Image result for celtic ira Image result for celtic ira

A massive police operation is underway to prevent the kind of violence which took place the last time Parkhead hosted a title decider in 1999, with Rangers wrapping up another world-record title that day.

Image result for hugh dalls attacked

The match in 1999 saw numerous fans of the Irish franchise lose control, entering the field of play to attack referee Hugh Dallas and Rangers players – with one irate fan falling from the upper tier in a depraved attempt to get at the whistler. Dallas’ home and family were also targeted in the days after the match.

Police fear a repeat of these scenes if things don’t go well for the home side.

Why Police Scotland would allow such an event to go ahead on the day of a potentially explosive encounter is beyond us. Particularly, as shown in the video below, Malone’s bar doesn’t exactly hide the support for terrorism that goes on within its premises.

Perhaps the SNP’s new anti sectarian crusader James Dornan MSP will speak out against such an incendiary event. Perhaps the SNP led city council licensing board will look into the status of this apartheid-bar.

Image result for james dorman snp  MSP Dornan (left) with banned IRA splinter group

Although, given Dornan and other SNP members’ – including SNP councillor for Glasgow Dennistoun Allan Casey shown below – open support for the IRA and Republican terror, we won’t hold our breath.

Allan Casey (foreground)      

SNP councillor Allan Casey (above).

SNP leader bills taxpayer £500k to get men out of politics

A whopping £500,000 of taxpayers’ money is going into a government project to dismiss men from political life in Scotland.

The move will see public money channelled into “grassroots” propaganda schemes to convince women to become politicians.

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon insisted more had to be done to decrease the number of males elected in Scotland.

It comes 100 years after women were granted the right to vote in the United Kingdom in the Representation of the People Act and then become MPs later in the year.

The broke SNP government has spent the last decade cutting from council budgets but has somehow managed to find extra funding for left-wing campaigners.

Constantly, they have blamed the Tory government in Westminster, yet still manage to find cash for social engineering projects like this.

This is a Scottish Government hell-bent on throwing men out of political life in Scotland to bring about “gender equality”.

The unnatural policy fails to take into account the different life choices women make regarding politics – less women are interested in politics, women are on average less ambitious and careerist than men.

There is so much research into how women and men differ in their life goals and character traits, but this is of no interest to the progressives.

The attack on men, especially white men, continues and will be of the detriment to society. Men are being punished for being men.

This demand for more women in politics implies men have done a bad job or that women could do better.

Maybe women could do better – but is there any evidence to suggest women in power actually improves anything?

Policies like this soothe the incredibly large egos of leading progressive figures in Scotland who compete to be the most “tolerant” and “liberal” politician.

Real people don’t give a rat’s arse about who is in charge, as long as they are doing their job.

Getting rid of men to put feminists in power is not going to help anything.

This fund is merely to provide resources for leftist groups to push propaganda and grow their various shrill and annoying campaigns.

Cultural Marxism, the theory that white men are out to oppress every minority, is complete codswallop, and certainly a motivation behind this policy.

It is so patronising to women to assume they need all of this extra help, with money which is mostly provided by successful men who pay their taxes.

The left needs to stop treating women as victims. They are not. They can stand on their own two feet and fight men on merit.

Scottish Government press release.

Glasgow Islamists to host “Remembrance of Death” ritual at extremist mosque

The notorious Islamist mecca that is Glasgow Central Mosque is to host a sinister sounding remembrance of death of ritual on Saturday 20th January 2018.

Islam is renowned for its encouragement to sacrifice one’s life, all for the glory of the paedophile warlord responsible for founding the ideology.

The world has watched in horror as thousands of Muslims have blown themselves up over the years to achieve the 7th dream of an Arab despot, that Muslims would take over the world. The Times of Israel reported some shocking figures surrounding the scale of this global cancer.

Indeed, Glasgow itself has been victim to an Islamic suicide attack in 2007 as terrorists drove vehicles into the Terminal of the city’s main airport, loaded with gas cylinders which subsequently exploded.

Image result for glasgow airport attack

The bombers were members of the fanatical sect “Tablighi Jamaat”, as were the 7/7 bombers. The Central Mosque was blasted by the charity watchdog for a donation to this terrorist organisation – with a Mosque elder even having the audacity to say the virulently anti-Semitic organisation was harmless.

Column 5 has reported shady ongoings at the Mosque now on numerous occasions, with it’s support for homophobic and anti-Semitic groups.

The Mosque is tightly bound to Scottish Government and the ruling SNP, as referenced here by the brilliant “Wiser Monkeys” blog. Yet when Mosque reformers were forced to quit through threats of intimidation, as radicals tightened their grip, the Nats were hiding, too scared to get involved. Transport Secretary Humza Yusuf is well known patron.

Image result for Tablighi Jamaat glasgow

It’s clear that these Islamists have some kind of hold over the Scottish government. Column 5 also revealed the tensions surrounding MSP James Dornan’s milquetoast, forced intervention on Muslim grooming-gangs. Dornan’s subsequent silence amid rumours of threats to withdraw Islamic support from the party, suggests the member for Glasgow Cathcart has been gagged.

Column 5 repeats its call for the closure of Glasgow Central Mosque and seizure of funds until a public investigation is carried out into its support for extremism.

This sinister event is another example of the parallel societies between Islamists and the rest of Britain – while the rest us enjoy the weekend with our friends and family, that wee spot of Glasgow devoted to Islamist terror will be hosting a death ritual.

Tensions grow in Southside as MSP wades into grooming-gang debate

Tensions are growing in Glasgow’s South-Side after local MSP for Cathcart, James Dornan, waded into the debate on grooming gangs.

Column Five activists shamed Dornan into speaking out, after criticising the SNP member’s appearance on Russia Today to support the suicidal campaign to give voting rights to Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Scotland – advocated by odious Ross Greer, an MSP for the Green Party.

However, our sources in the Southside have informed us that Muslim elders are furious at Dornan’s decision to wade-in, as reports of grooming gangs begin to sweep the city.

The Muslim elders hold great sway over the massive Islamic population of the Southside, particularly in the Cathcart constituency, and are thought to be considering  withdrawing the support that saw Dornan elected.

Dornan’s boss Nicola Sturgeon has been criticised for her lack of action against child-trafficking in her own, Muslim dominated constituency of Govanhill, just along the road from Dornan. Elders see the First Minister as a shining example of tolerance and are keen she ensures that the rest of her MSPs behave in the same way.

Of course, Dornan’s intervention was totally meaningless and, sadly quite ill-tempered towards concerned constituents. Indeed, he interacted with many people on the subject, but most of the comments were used to dismiss citizen’s concerns about the issue. He did not accept the trend towards grooming gangs in the Muslim community – he did not even accept that it was actually happening. His input was limited to condemnation only “if” it is happening.

He offered no comfort to victims or their families. No inclination of getting to the bottom of the problem. No promise to support an investigation. He simply wants the problems to disappear and the Muslim community to continue to back the SNP.

Dornan himself is a well known Irish nationalist, who has jumped on the SNP bandwagon, given their mutual aim of destroying the UK – which has seen them use the sectarian card in the most sickening ways. Dornan himself openly praised the treacherous Green Brigade – the Celtic F.C casual group – most notably after their anti-Semitic protest against an Israeli team.

The party has a long history of promoting and facilitating Islamism in the country. It stood the vile Osama Saeed as a parliamentary candidate. Saeed is the cousin of the catastrophic Transport Minister Humza Yousuf, whose own family are shady to say the least. The party has strong links to the extremist controlled Glasgow Central Mosque.

It’s quite obvious that the party are not stronger for Scotland. All of our services are regressing. But the biggest slap in the face comes from their open support for Radical Islam, their open borders agenda and their treacherous goal of letting Refugees vote, in order to gerrymander the electorate to produce a majority for their agenda of breaking up the UK.

It’s time to hold the SNP’s feet to the fire. The people demand answers.

Column Five pressure causes James Dornan MSP to condemn grooming gangs

There has been radio silence on the matter of Scotland-based grooming gangs from our progressive politicians since stories started breaking in 2017.

It was surprising for many that so few elected representatives decided to comment on and condemn the news stories in August and September that indicated “Asian” men were running child grooming gangs. Asian is leftist/PC speech-code for Muslim.

These are similar accounts of gangs in Rotherham and Rochdale, where politicians and authorities turned a blind eye on years of sexual assault, rape, drugging and abuse against young British girls.

After Column Five activists spotted an interview with James Dornan demanding refugees should be allowed the vote, we entered a debate on the matter.

On the theme of Islamisation and the dying culture of Europe, we challenged Mr Dornan to speak out on the rise of Muslim/Pakistani grooming gangs, particularly in Glasgow.

Thankfully, we managed to get a good few retweets and momentum on the post, which we believe spurred Mr Dornan to break his silence, and the silence of what we understand to be every progressive politician in Glasgow or Scotland.

Mr Dornan, MSP for Glasgow Cathcart, eventually responded:

james 2

While we welcome Mr Dornan finally tweeting about the issue, the next battle will be for him and other politically correct politicians to recognise the pattern: Muslim Pakistani men running these rape gangs targeting young white girls.

It should not take a small social media siege for a politician like James Dornan, who is relatively outspoken, to pass comment on such a horrible crime.

Perhaps Mr Dornan did not speak out because he represents a large Muslim vote, being a Glasgow southside politician. Could it be he fears reprisals of speaking out against a problem that seems to be related to the rise of Islam in the UK? Our First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, is in a similar constituency situation.

The reason the situations in Rochdale and Rotherham got so bad was because politicians and authorities in general did not speak out, through fear of being accused of being racist.

It is obvious Mr Dornan does despise such grooming gangs – no human being wouldn’t. But, what he and others need to do is break the mould and start speaking out more about this growing epidemic.

It’s not racist to recognise a pattern of Pakistani/Muslim men organising child grooming gangs across the United Kingdom.

Now it has come to Scotland, our politicians need to be vocal in ensuring authorities are held accountable and the public is aware of it.

We need to stop fear of being blasted as “racist” preventing public figures from speaking out on issues like this.

From our small platform, we’ll try and do our best, but it won’t be enough. We need the credibility of public figures to thrust this issue truly into the limelight.

The scale of the issue in England can be visualised here.

The Mirror mapped the problem across England, as well: