Feminist MSPs glazed with self-satisfaction as they hand themselves free fanny pads in Holyrood

Wealthy politicians have given themselves access to free tampons and wet wipes in Scotland – and are SO fucking proud of themselves.

Yes, that’s correct. High paid Members of the Scottish Parliament now get free fanny pads from the taxpayer.

They claim it’s to tackle “period poverty”, where the poorest of the poor cannot afford sanitary products.

But here we’re talking about the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, home to the high paid MSPs, their staff and parliament workers.

Not the schemes of Easterhouse or Drumchapel, where actual poverty exists in its droves.

Apparently, the poorest of the poor could be visiting the parliament too, and for that reason, there must be “universal” and “free” tampons.

They should know none of this feminist bullshit is free – it costs the public purse a lot.

Just like these other do-goodie policies from the Scottish National Party and their progressive allies in Labour and the Greens, it all costs us a fortune.

In Glasgow, around £2 million may be spent paying for a facility for junkies to shoot up heroin.

An actual facility for scumbag, criminal and stinking filth to go and inject their own heroin.

There’ll be little stalls for these skulking, disease-ridden, thieving wretches to jag up and get high, supervised by YOU, the taxpayer.

It’s pathetic, really, this way the politically correct SNP establishment cows before the most fucked up things.

Junkies contribute NOTHING to our society. Absolutely fucking NOTHING.

If anything, they should be left to wither away and die out in the harsh winter colds.

Really people have better priorities, such as education or perhaps battling child cancer.

Taxpayers should not have their hard-earned money funnelled into such dead-end causes for politicians to feel good about themselves.

Oh, can you imagine it when it happens? The expressions, the orgasmic relief, as they cream over doing the most anti-society, fucked up, and weird shit for self-satisfaction.

Junkies are obviously in a terrible state, but it’s entirely of their own doing, and let’s be honest, the money could be better spent elsewhere.

But approaching such a tabboo area of spending is what turns on these attention-hungry, politically correct, crazed progressives. We all know that.

These mutant heroin addicts don’t deserve and have not earned the respect of law-abiding human beings on this planet.

Heroin addicts, sanitary products to the liberal politicians… It’s a sickening waste.

If you’re going to give anyone free sanitary products, how about focus on schools in the most impoverished areas.

It’s clear 99% of the women in the Scottish Parliament’s fannies have dried up by now anyway.

I think it’s a natural result of feminism, for the fanny to close up and die off due to the extreme SJW-induced constant biochemical algorythms at work to be pissed off ALL the time.

And the few Dutch tourists or Arab wanderers who venture into the parliament aren’t really going to need these services.

All in all, it’s a total waste of money to make the parliament and its politicians look SO PROGRESSIVE and show off how cuddly and kind they are.

How about, we cut taxes to give working people more money so they can buy their own shit, instead of having these weird, inexperienced and frankly, fat bitch, politicians decide for us.

These politicians should be taken outside and flogged for this horrible policy.

A day of rage against Angela Haggerty

Gobshite Angela Haggerty has landed herself in it again – this time accidentally exposing the girlfriend of Mhairi Black MP.

Yes, she has a girlfriend. Take this moment to be SICK in the closest bin.

Okay, now that’s over, Twitter has gone to shit because Haggerty exposed SJW tweeter Katie McGarvie as the lesbian MP’s girlfriend.

Take a look for yourself.

At first, everyone though she’d outed her as a lesbian, but it turned out she was already known to be gay.

Apparently, this was one of the Vatican’s deepest holy secrets, that she was the girlfriend of Mhairi Black, a masculine SNP female politician.

Anyway, the cuddly left in Scotland has spent the last day-and-a-half spewing its guts out at Haggerty even after she apologised.

The chaos will certainly impact upon her role as news editor at the Sunday Herald, a respected publication that took on newspaper newbie Haggerty.

It comes at a time when the Sunday Herald is under siege from the remnants of the Yes campaign and the SNP devout.

The publication DARED to challenge Queen Nicola Sturgeon to bring some order to her bile-spewing rabble they call the “cybernats”.

This has not worked and they have pounced on Haggerty for more than a day now, relentlessly barraging her with abuse, under what must be one of Scotland’s biggest non-Tory/Labour dogpile.

The left in Scotland is DEVOURING itself.

You cannot help but sit back and watch with pleasure as it happens.

But the leading lights of ultra-progressivism in Scotland seldom break rank and attack each other.

The key moment to look out for is to see what the crazed, acid-spitting commentary clique Cat Boyd, Vonny Moyes, Kirsty Strikland and the rest of them nutters will do to their “sister”.

Half-male Stephen Paton has broke rank and retweeted an outraged tweet about Haggerty, who he shares an office with.

The charge has undoubtedly been led by the grand cybernat Wings Over Scotland, a middle aged man who sits in a house in England writing articles about Scottish politics.

The next time someone tries to convince you the left is the friendly, inclusive place it thinks itself as, just look at how relentlessly they tear each other apart.

Over what? Outing someone’s girlfriend? What a sad, fragile bunch they are.


Pro-Palestinian academic bottles out of debate with Israeli advocate

A pro-Palestinian professor bowed to anti-Semitic pressure by pulling out of debate on Israel and Palestine in a shocking act of cowardice.

Henry Maitles, of the University of the West of Scotland, was due to debate the motion “Is Israel an apartheid state?”, with David Collier – a member of the Confederation of Friends of Israel (COFI) – at Strathclyde University.

See the source imageMaitles with Sharia Lawyer Tasmina Ahmed

The debate organised by Strathclyde Students for Academic Freedom (SSAF) had to be cancelled at the last minute as the group was unable to find a replacement.

David Collier David Collier

Friend’s of Palestine groups – unhappy withy the motion – were rumoured to have pressured Professor Maitles and coordinated other Pro-Palestinian activists to reject the invite of SSAF.

It is another example of Palestinian activists running away from fact-based debate with Israeli advocates because they fear the exposure of their anti-Semitic agenda. They’d rather slur Israel and close down all attempts to have a reasoned honest debate.

SSAF has said it plans to reschedule the event when a replacement can’t be found, Column 5 won’t hold it’s breath for a Palestinian activist to take up the challenge.

Muslim Council of Scotland in anti-Semitic boycott

“The last hour (judgement day) will not come until the Muslims fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the Gharqad tree would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.”

[Sahih Muslim 41:6985, Sahih Bukhari 4:56:791] Islamic scripture

Image result for swastika on koran 3rd Reich edition of the Koran

The fall out from the farcical Glasgow March Against Racism seems to show no sign of abating.

Column 5 wrote about the treatment of the Glasgow Friends of Israel (GFI) group as they were harassed with anti-Semitic chants by Islamists, Marxists and Irish Republicans  on the march through Glasgow city centre.

Now we can report that the Muslim Council of Scotland (MCS) boycotted the march due to the presence of GFI.

MCS attempts to cloak it’s anti-Semitism by claiming to be “anti-Zionist”. But this is a smokescreen. Zionism is merely the belief that the Jews are entitled to a national homeland – to oppose this means that you don’t believe the Jews have a place in the world and should not entitled to the same rights as any other nation.

As the quoted Hadith shows, this anti-Semitic belief stems directly from Islamic scripture.

Image result for nazi mufti Nazi Mufti

Of course, there were other Jewish groups on the march, but the Islamists at MCS only want the right kind of Jew. The kind that won’t stand up and assert their rights to a homeland. The willing Dhimmi and payer of Jizya.

The MCS has made a song and dance about “Islamophobic” behaviour in Scotland – which appears to be limited to looking at a Muslim the wrong way at a bus-stop, and making fun of backward cultural practices like the Hijab – yet is has a terrible record of standing in solidarity with other groups when they ask for public support. It even boycotted Holocaust memorial events until recently.

It also has a history of running it’s own campaigns of suppression.

It’s clear tolerance is a one way street as far as MCS is concerned. And, as Scotland’s largest Islamic advocacy group, this should worry all of us.

It leads us to ask if the group is representative of the views of mainstream Muslims. If not, one would expect more Muslims to speak out against the group – any time now would be great, thanks – because it’s smearing their name whether they like it or not.

The hitherto lack of condemnation from leading Muslims seems to confirm our worst fears – anti-Semitism is already a problem for British Muslims.

Column 5 stands in total solidarity with GFI over these anti-Semitic actions and against increasing anti-Semitism (see the Labour Party), from the alliance of Marxists and Islamists.

Image result for nazi mufti





Islamists, Communists and Provos join forces to harass Jewish Group in Glasgow

Saturday’s march against racism descended into farce as the Marxist-Islamist alliance, along with hard-core Irish Republicans sought to intimidate a Jewish group who had been invited to join the march.

The annual march was attended by “Glasgow Friends of Israel” (GFI), an organisation which has promoted peace and cooperation with Muslims.

Members of the Islamist “Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign” (SPCS), the Irish Republican “Red Front Republic (RFR) and various extreme communists grouped together to keep GFI away from the marchers. This involved jostling members (many of whom are elderly), screaming anti-Semitic bile in their faces and spitting.


This Marxist-Islamist alliance is something Column 5 has reported before, but the addition of the RFR is one that should cause great concern. RFR members wear balaclavas and their open support for the IRA’s various campaigns of terror should have citizens concerned with the direction the group is taking.

At best they are little boys playing dress-up – at worst they are proto-terrorists, whose first attack could be just around the corner. The recent conviction of numerous republicans for terror related events show that this element is still very much active in Scotland.

The RFR has strong links with the Ultras group of Celtic FC, known as the Green Brigade (GB). GB has lots of previous for supporting terrorists and has been guilty of anti-Semitism on numerous occasions. Despite this, GB is officially endorsed by Celtic FC.



Image may contain: one or more people, sky and outdoor

Image result for green brigade anti israe;

The leaders of SPSC, including the unhinged Mick Napier (pictured) who also has links to the GB and CFC, have been arrested numerous times for targeting Jewish businesses in a hate campaign. They have also associated themselves with numerous holocaust deniers.

See the source image

However, Saturday’s events show that this campaign has moved onto a new, sinister public phase. The alliance seems to show no fear of the authorities and this will be of great concern to the Jewish community as a whole.

Yet, credit to GFI as they eventually managed to complete the march despite intense provocation and intimidation from start to finish.

Column 5 would like to offer our complete solidarity with GFI in the face of this ramping up of intimidation tactics by the Islamist-Marxist – and now Irish republican alliance.

This alliance has no place in Scotland, let alone marching our streets intimidating citizens. It’s time to keep a closer eye on these groups and put the spotlight on their shady actions.

If anyone has any more information on these groups, contact Column 5 and we will investigate.


***This was a statement made on the Facebook page of GFI convener Nigel Goodrich:

“On Saturday March 17 COFIS will once again march with many others against racism. COFIS abhors all forms of racism.

We have been made aware of aggressive attempts to prevent us from taking part, orchestrated by the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC). A detailed report published by Jewish Human Rights Watch in August 2017, written by respected researcher David Collier, revealed that 40% of posters on SPSC social media regularly posted antisemitic and/or holocaust-denying propaganda. Eminent Sunday Times columnist Alex Massie said in an article condemning this that “no decent person should associate themselves with the SPSC”. The leader of the SPSC has been convicted and sentenced recently for his criminal behavior in relation to his harassment of a Jewish businessman. Other prominent members of the SPSC have convictions for aggravated trespass with a racially aggravated element.

When compared to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism, adopted by the European UK and Scottish parliaments, the behaviour of the SPSC is clearly antisemitic and hence racist. We look forward to marching with all those who understand that antisemitism is racism, and hence a crime, on Saturday.”

Irish bitterness threatens to derail Brexit. Time for a tougher line?

Once again this week, the EU has sought to meddle in British internal affairs by trying to create of constitutional crisis over Northern Ireland, in the hope of scuppering Brexit.

The question of the Irish border between north and south, and Ulster’s status within the UK, has been used a political football by callous Eurocrats.

Yet, the most alarming thing about this episode is the apparent willingness of the Eire government to stoke flames of conflict, with a blatantly opprtunistic bid to fulfill it’s expansionary agenda of subsuming the British province of Ulster into the Irish state.

The Irish leader knows he playing with fire. Yet, old habits die-hard. And for the Irish, Britphobia is one of the oldest.

Image result for brits out

The Good Friday Agreement, signed in 1998 – bringing an end to “The Troubles” – seemed to herald a new era of peace and cooperation.

Indeed, when the financial crisis hit in 2008, the Irish state required a bailout after less than a century of independence – the British taxpayer obliged their profligate neighbours to the tune of £8 billion.

One would think this humiliation would be fresh in Irish minds. Yet, they shamelessly look to make life difficult for their creditors.


Clearly, the old nationalist mantra of “Britain’s difficulty is Ireland’s opportunity” – coined by nationalist leader James Connelly as he joined World War 1 on Germany’s side – seems to have inspired the current government.

Indeed, the ruling Fine-Gael party descends from “Blue-Shirts” – Irishmen who fought for Franco’s fascist Spain.

Image result for irish blueshirts Fine Gael Fascists

Irish and European fascists colluding to destroy British liberty is nothing new. During World War 2, Connelly’s mantra saw nationalists conspire with Nazi intelligence to effect an invasion of Britain through Ulster – hoping Germany would install them as a puppet government. The Irish state also helped Nazis flee justice.


Such treachery should never be forgotten when dealing with Irish grievance politics.

The GFA merely changed nationalist tactics from planting bombs in school buses, to pursuing political ends.

Irish PM Varadkar threatens to stall Brexit talks unless he is given ‘guarantees’ over the Irish border – with the tacit implication that the IRA will resume their bombing campaign.

So, why is Britain accepting this from a third-rate power who, after all, is one of our debtors?

The only answer comes from our government’s apparent willingness to capitulate in the face of every EU demand. The opportunistic Irish have sought to take advantage of this weakness in British leadership.

Yet, as the Irish know all too well, British leadership isn’t always week. Conversly, however, just as in our negotiations with the EU, we hold all the aces in this dispute with Ireland.

They need us, we don’t need them.

Their entire economy is underpinned by exports to Britain. An assertive British government would threaten massive tariffs on Irish imports, which would cripple that economy and bring the nationalist government down – Fine Gael knows this all too well. It’s gambling with the future of its own people for the sake of a sectarian dream.

A more assertive British government would call in Ireland’s debts, or even better, sell them – see if saudi Arabia would like to become creditors to Eire.

But the implied threat of a return to violence that should be the most worrying thing. The possibility of an IRA bombing campaign against our democratic vote might unleash hostile forces in this country. Assertive forces.

The British government must make it clear to Dublin that she will also suffer as a consequences of a return to violence. During the last conflict, Dublin was known to be sheltering and aiding numerous terrorists who had murdered and maimed on Britain’s streets.

We showed undue leniency to the Dublin government on that occasion.

Image result for ira atrocities in england

It must be made clear to Dublin that such leniency will not be extended in case of a resumption of violence and that she will be seen as a combatant in this particular conflict, as a consequence of her current incendiary actions.

The threat of the RAF flying visiting their capital should be enough for the Irish to hunt down the terrorists still living in their midst.

This might sound extreme, but Dublin’s position is extremely dangerous for Britain and they should be made aware of this in no uncertain terms.

All options should be on the table when it comes to our national security.

Yet, with the pro-EU British government selling us down the river, our strength isn’t so obvious and even less likely to be asserted.

If Brexit-Britain is going to reassert itself on the world stage, allowing 3rd rate powers to threaten our national sovereignty isn’t the way to do it.

Perhaps Ireland could become an unwitting accomplice in making Britain great again. They’ve given us occasion to show we won’t be trifled with, we should grab that. Making an example of Ireland could and should be the first step in a new era of British assertiveness.

Of course Ireland could avoid such an escalation and call off hostilities.

Think carefully Dublin.

Image result for Dublin Bombings 1974 Talbot St









Labour MP drops truth bombs on UK Islamists – how long can she keep her job?

The British public were treated to a rare sight this week as a Labour MP told a Parliamentary select committee that the global, Islamic oppression of the peaceful Ahmadi sect has spread to the UK.

Siobhain McDonagh MP highlighted the persecution of the Ahmadis in the 14 minute speech. She spoke of how this persecution spread to Glasgow with the murder of shopkeeper Assad Shah.

Column 5 has repetedly exposed the persecution of Ahmadis by, among others,  both the Muslim Council of Scotland and at Glasgow central Mosque – Scotland’s largest Mosque.

Column 5 applauds McDonagh for her bravery in standing up to this persecution in the face of attempts to criminalise all criticism of Islam, and in spite of the obvious threats made by islamists against anyone who speaks out.

She does so as a member of a party which facilitated Muslim grooming gangs, sacked the MP who sought to expose then and kept another MP which called for the victims to “shut their mouths” for the sake of diversity. – the same MP who had already been reinstated after numerous vile anti-semitic outbursts.

Image result for naz shah grooming gangs

It’s clear McDonagh is fighting an uphil struggle and we would like to extend our full support in her endeavours to rid the UK, at the very least, of this growing menace.

A link to the speech is shared on McDonagh’s tweet above, or the link below.