Top Muslim cleric: Fathers can marry their DAUGHTERS

In what other culture does degeneracy run as high as it does in the Muslim world? This is the very culture the politically correct left is forcing upon the Western world. Feast your eyes on this article:


Mazen Al-Sersawi cites prominent Muslim scholar in making his argument
Girls born out of wedlock are not really daughters so not ‘attributed’ to father
According to his argument in these circumstances a man can marry daughter
The comments have been widely criticised and greeted with revulsion

By Tariq Tahir For Mailonline, 4 November 2017:

A prominent Egyptian Salafist cleric has suggested Islam allows men to have sex with their illegitimate daughters and marry them.

Mazen Al-Sersawi cites prominent Muslim scholar Imam Al-Shafi’i as saying because illegitimate daughters are not officially attributed to their fathers they can be married to them.

He makes the claims in a video which has gone viral and he has been widely criticized for the comments.

In the video, Al-Sersawi said Imam Al-Shafi’i is known for saying men may marry their own daughters that are born out of wedlock

In the video Mazen Al-Sersawi cites prominent scholar Imam Al-Shafi'i to make the case that fathers can marry daughters born in adulterous relationships

He claims because a girl born in an adulterous relationship is 'not really his daughter' then a father can have sex with her

Mazen Al-Sersawi teaches at the prestigious Egypt's Al-Azhar University, one of the most prestigious institutions in Sunni Islam

Al-Sersawi, who teaches at the prestigious Egypt’s Al-Azhar University, claims Al-Shafi’I says a girl born in an adulterous relationship is ‘not really his daughter’.

Because an illegitimate daughter does not carry her father’s name, ‘she is not his daughter according to Sharia. She is not officially attributed to him’.

The video was made in 2012 but has recently resurfaced online.

Many have expressed their revulsion about his claims with one man tweeting ‘what is this madness?’ and a woman simply saying ‘ewww’.

Earlier this year, another Egyptia cleric Muftah Mohammad Maarouf, said in televised debate the age for marrying should be low enough for new-born babies to be married off.

He said long as ‘no harm’ is done to the child, there is no problem ‘preventing her from getting married’ adding ‘in Islamic Sharia there is no set age for marriage when it comes to females’.

VIDEO: KGB defector reveals leftist brainwashing on Western states

“This amazing interview was done back in 1985 with a former KGB agent who was trained in subversion techniques. He explains the 4 basic steps to socially engineering entire generations into thinking and behaving the way those in power want them to. It’s shocking because our nation has been transformed in the exact same way, and followed the exact same steps.”





Marxist-Islamist axis rally in Glasgow

Marxist and Islamist cooperation is so common in contemporary politics that there was no surprise when a member of Islamist advocacy group ‘CAGE’ spoke at the ‘Marxism 2017’ rally, organised by the SWP.

Moazzam Begg spoke alongside an assortment of leftists and anti-western subversives. The list included Marxist SNP MP for Glasgow South West, Chris Stephens.

SNP MP Chris Stephens speaks at Marxist-Islamist rally in Glasgow

CAGE is an organisation whose managing director Asim Qureshi has links to many high profile islamists. Amnesty International slammed the organisation for its support of British born ISIS operative ‘Jihadi John’, whom Qureshi described a ‘beautiful young man’.

Begg, known as the ‘UK’s biggest supporter of the Taliban’ is himself an enigmatic character. He was detained in Guantanamo Bay for 3 years between 2002-5 after being arrested by police in Pakistan for terror related activities. He has some very suspicious links himself, including underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab and senior Al-Qaida figure Anwar Al-Awlaki. He was eventually released because authorities did not have sufficient evidence. However, US authorities suggest Begg is still a threat.

He was headline name for the opening rally. As well as facilitating a workshop called “Challenging Prevent, Islamophobia and Racism”. Prevent, the government’s chief policy to tackle the growing threat of Islamic extremism, has been undermined from the get-go by CAGE, other Islamist advocates and their leftist apologists. These groups offer no solution to the problem give extremists a cover to carry on indoctrination of Muslim youths.

A timetable of hate against the modern West

The SWP has history of appeasement of Islamist tendencies. ‘The Prophet and the Proletariat’, an essay by SWP ideological guru Chris Harman lays the foundations of this alliance, by insidiously asserting their shared aims of overthrowing western culture. This essay is regarded as a sacred text of multiculturalism and cultural relativism.

The SWP hope to indoctrinate Islamists towards class struggle. That these Islamists will abandon one God for Marx and join the SWP to create a revolutionary mass for the overthrow of Western civilisation – their annual Marxist rally is a recruiting event to such ends, effectively grooming vulnerable people for a life of revolutionary violence.

Of course, the SWP is no stranger to grooming events as reports of party stalwarts raping young female members, then subsequently conspiring to hush-up the event, caused a mass exodus from the party and another left-wing split. Naturally, the split wasn’t over protecting the victims, but about saving face for “the movement”. Maltreatment of women is something the SWP have in common with Islamists.

The mutual advantage is clear to see in this alliance. The SWP gets fresh grooming opportunities. Islamists get some indigenous support as SWP and its front group UAF help terrorise those opposed to its spread. Yet both cults proselytise by nature. They both have an eschatological vision of an end-of-days type conflict where they will emerge as the leaders of a New World Order.

Yet with often opposing and irreconcilable ideas of how this world order should look, the alliance will at some point run into trouble if power ever does become up for grabs. It seems the Marxists haven’t learned anything from the Iranian revolution, when Islamists liquidated the Left after being allied in the overthrow the Shah.

A lot of water will have to pass under the bridge until our nation and indeed Europe is faced with the reality of a power struggle between these death cults for overall control. But the water is passing and the current is getting stronger. Every day they work towards this end. Their anti-western narrative is practically ubiquitous these days. The SWP might seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but events like Marxism 2017 are a meeting point for like-minded anti-Western fifth columnists with links all the way to Jeremy Corbyn – who could become prime minister any day.

Only our complacency will allow them to succeed. But the first part of the battle is understanding the strengths of the enemy. Recognising the Islamist-Marxist axis as the main threat to Western civilisation is the start of that understanding.

‘Academic’ says Brits are racist to the core

Not for the first time lately, the subversive BBC was involved in an incident of race-baiting as academic Kehinde Andrews was invited along to fulminate over how deeply racism is ingrained in British society and, by extension, the minds of the British people.

Racism is so deeply ingrained that it is part of the DNA of the nation”, opined Andrews. Which translates into: “it’s your fault, you’re all to blame”.

For the likes of Andrews, the British carry a unique guilt for historical wrongdoings – by British, he means white people of course, let’s not kid ourselves, he’s not blaming Asians.

All positive events in British history are seen as a mere aberration, with anyone extolling these positives met by accusations of being a triumphant, fascistic racist – all negative events are to be amplified.

Furthermore, the accusation is extended to the modern day. Apparently, there is still some kind of conspiracy against people of colour. According to Andrews, the U.K is effectively a white supremacist society. Despite “hate-crime” figures suggesting only sporadic and isolated incidents, committed by very few people. And that the recent “spike” in these incidents was exaggerated for political purposes.

Yet this narrative can be easily dismissed in the face of affirmative action programmes which promote people of colour into all areas of public life. One only must look at the ratios attending higher education. The drive for diversity is ubiquitous. Additionally, the democracy in this white majority country has produced a situation where white people will soon become a minority in many of their own cities, including its capital. How could a people be any more welcoming than one who deliberately sets about marginalising itself in its own country?

For Andrews it’s not enough, nothing ever will be. History will always be a stick to beat us with. And he uses this stick recklessly to make incendiary claims that if police officers were armed, they’d be running around killing black people.

Imagine everyone took up the tactic of blaming entire groups for the crimes of a minority within it.

How does he think the black community would fare when the police force he demonises reveals that blacks are by far more likely to be involved in gun crime than any other ethnic group?

Andrews says the UK is “no different” to the US in relation to its black community. Then it must stand to reason the we have the same inequalities. The same inequalities in crime statistics, perhaps? If we are to continue with Andrews’ tactics of collective guilt, perhaps we could get him to explain why blacks are killing fellow blacks at astonishing and catastrophic rate in the U.S?

Perhaps intra-black urban warfare isn’t to be discussed by white people.

Fair enough. Can he explain why blacks are killing whites at such a disproportionate and disconcerting rate? Or why blacks are disproportionately killing police officers? Or why they are disproportionately involved in more violent crime across the board?

Why is there such a prevalence of gangsterism and glorification of violence in “black culture”, where women are generally described as bitches and hoes? How long are we to act like this is normal behaviour and pass it off as art, fit for influencing youth? Am I to conclude that gangsterism is “ingrained in the DNA” of black people? Can I say that there is a “toxic current” which flows through black society? If Blacks had more guns in the UK would they be using them to kill white people?

Should I “take a knee” at a celebration of black culture?

Surely not.

Children armed with guns in gangs. Progressive?

Perhaps the law is ignoring white criminals to keep the numbers down. For example, statistics on gang-rape aren’t collated by race on a national basis, (one would have to trawl through individual forces, not many collate by race either) –  perhaps Kehinde think this is to protect the white community from the reality of crime figures? The act of a white supremacist society covering up their crimes? Perhaps we should have a national index of these figures to find out – in the name of truth and reconciliation through collective guilt.

Yet the historical guilt aspect is the most teasing. If we are uniquely bad and racist, then it stands to reason that others/everybody is better than us. That must be testable? Again, if we play by his rules of collective guilt, he might have some explaining to do. Perhaps he may enlighten us as to which group of people would he’d choose as his champion of historical morality? Could he tell us if his ancestors were living in freedom and liberty before the whites arrived?

Of course, slavery is used as a key piece of evidence in the case to paint Britain as a racist society. But does it bother him that his fellow black men were selling each other amongst themselves and to foreigners, including Chinese and Arabs/Muslims, for centuries before the Europeans turned up? Does it bother him that Africans are still selling Africans? Is slavery only a problem when whites do it to non-whites? Is there to be truth and reconciliation for the Barbary slave trade, where pirates originating from Africa stole people from Britain for slavery?

white slaves
Apologetic whites demonstrate their will for reparations against the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, which was ended by the British Empire.

And while he focuses on the bad parts, does he pay no credence to the fact the British people went out of their way to compel the government to end the slave trade? And that the government subsequently went about trying to end the practice, certainly within it’s on sphere of influence?

If all these questions are open for an honest discussion, including Andrew’s, then we will have the possibility of truth and reconciliation. If, however they are to be discussed to collectively demonise a specific group, then that will only create entrenchment to the point where eventually that group will react.

It is a sure sign of a mature society that Andrew’s can say these things in public, it is one the many privileges the academic enjoys living here, other societies wouldn’t be so tolerant of his wanton denigration of their national character. I’m pretty positive a white supremacist society would be the least likely to tolerate this.

Yet, mud sticks. And if nobody is challenging his narrative it’ll become accepted fact. Accepted guilt.


Glasgow mega-mosque hosts anti-gay cleric

Glasgow Central Mosque caught harbouring extremism views, again.

Glasgow Central Mosque was embroiled in a new incident of harbouring extremist preachers. Molana Iqbal Rangooni, who signed a petition of 500 UK Muslim leaders opposing gay marriage, was invited to speak at the Mosque as part of a series of lectures on the 14th of October. Included in the line-up was Mufti Saif Ul-Islam who was indoctrinated at the secretive Darool Ul-Islam school in Bury.

Darool Ul-Islam is more than just a school. It is ‘global school of thought’ based on Deobandi Sunni Islam – which seeks to take society back the time of the prophet Muhammed in 7th century Arabia. Former students of Darool Ul-Islam include Mullah Omar, leader of the Taliban until 2013. He graduated from an indoctrination institution on the Afghan-Pakistan border, known as the ‘university of Jihad’.

PROGRAMME: The anti-gay preacher Rangooni was invited to speak.

The event raises fresh questions over the on-goings at Scotland’s largest Mosque. It is not the first time it has brought controversy upon itself.

Just last year, the Mosque’s chief Imam and spiritual leader Habib ur Rehman praised a Pakistani terrorist who murdered the politician Salman Tanseer in the country. Rehman called callous terrorist Mumtaz Qadri a “true muslim” after he murdered Tanseer, the champion of Christians who’ve been terrorised under the nations blasphemy laws.

This incident sent a chill down Glasgow’s collective spine as fears about radicalisation grew.

Scotland has largely been considered peripheral in the rise of radical Islam. Despite the 2007 attacks at Glasgow Airport, Scots have naïvely considered this phenomenon to be external to their own affairs. However, the murder of Glasgow shopkeeper Assad Shah by Tanveer Ahmed who drove 200 miles from Bradford to slay Shah simply because he was a vocal member of Ahmadi sect of Islam – so despised by mainstream Islam – led to more Scots accepting the grim reality of the threat we face.

Indeed, Tanveer was effectively upholding the same Islamic blasphemy laws which persecute Ahmadis and all Kuffar in Pakistan. His justification in murdering Shah was identical to Quadri when he took the life of Tanseer. Despite Imam Rehamn’s fork-tongued protestations, we can be safe to assume that he felt Shah’s murderer was also a “true Muslim”.

This raises serious questions into Rehman’s fitness to be a free member of society, let alone a spiritual leader of the largest growing community in the country. Yet Police Scotland felt no need to pursue the case any further.

They have also failed to investigate the ongoing worries surrounding the Mosque itself, subject to an IBTimes UK investigation which found long-standing links with the “Khatme Nubuwwat” (Finality of the Prophet) movement, which is behind violent anti-Ahmadi persecution in Pakistan, and whose London branch is currently under investigation by the Metropolitan Police for distributing anti-Ahmadi hate speech. The Mosque facilitated an organising meeting  of the group as well as hosting hard-line cleric Allah Wasaya, a chief persecuter of Ahmadis in Pakistan.


Questions have also been asked over a loan to the ultra-orthodox group “Tablighi Jamaat”, an organisation which ironically is banned from preaching in Punjabi educational institutions, yet is legal in Britain.  

The questions have yet to be suitably answered.

It must be said, that a power struggle is (allegedly) taking place at the heart of the Mosque. Liberals against the Old Guard according to the well-trodden narrative. But, judging by the Mosque’s continued willingness to allow extremists a platform, as evidenced by last week’s meeting, the old-guard still very much rules the roost. This is compounded by the secretive nature of the so-called power-struggle – it’s very much an Intra-Islamic affair, with no place for intervention from the Kuffar. Doesn’t sound very multicultural to me, if I’m honest.

If the Mosque continues to allow extremists like Rangooni to speak unchallenged, how long can the rest of society be expected to rely upon the “liberals” to defeat the “old guard”? While we’re on the point, surely the liberals would enlist the help of wider society if they wanted to defeat this old-guard? Why would they allow this power-struggle to remain internal, when it’s clear society would support their cause?

Many uncomfortable questions arise over the on-goings at Scotland’s biggest Mosque. The Muslim community and it’s so called liberals have yet to sufficiently answer these questions, and evidenced by the recent meeting, they are very much losing their internal power-struggle. The questions then become; How long does wider society continue to allow these potentially deadly power-struggles to remain internalised? Is it of concern to the wider community, or isn’t it? And if it is, surely now is the time for wider society to step in and demand answers, regardless of community sensibilities?

MP Jared O’Mara skewered for politically incorrect posts made 13+ years ago

A LABOUR MP has stepped down from the House of Commons WOMEN AND EQUALITIES committee because he called a fat person fat and other politically incorrect statements THIRTEEN years ago.

In posts Jared O’Mara MP, 36, made in 2004, he wrote that Michelle McManus only won TV show Pop Idol “because she was fat”, which was probably true.

Michelle McManus won Pop Idol, and yes, she was fat, and has remained popular in Scotland since the show, as a TV presenter, actress and singer.

Hilariously, he also said it would be funny if Jamie Cullum died of being arse-fucked by his own piano.

Ages ago, he wrote: “It would be no great loss to the music world if he was sodomised with his own piano and subsequently died of a sore arse. In fact, it would be quite funny.”

He has apparently made “sexist” remarks about wanting to have an orgy with members of Girls Aloud.

Apparently, this is a sackable offence. Come on, every straight man is agreeing with him.

Girls Aloud, who O’Mara wanted to have an orgy with. Fair play!

The MP is also understood to have made homophobic remarks where he slags off gay people two years ago. Silly comments, but nothing groundbreaking and just rather boring.

A full report of his crimes against humanity can be viewed on Guido Fawkes.

O’Mara has now stepped down from the Women and Equalities Committee for his comments.

It’s sort of funny to see a left-wing politician be skewered publicly for breaking their own code of political correctness. The right-wingers will crucify him, using the left’s own tactics.

Especially, a member of the Women and Equalities Committee, whose purpose is to stand up for the “marginalised” minorities of the UK.

The MP has climbed down from his funny old posts and made an embarrassing apology, saying “I understand why they are offensive and sincerely apologise for use of such unacceptable language. I made the comments as a young man, at a particularly difficult time in my life, but that is no excuse.”

The humiliated MP then goes onto say the usual platitudes about how “misogyny is a deep problem in our society”, and that he will “engage” and “learn from” feminism.

What a spineless man.

If he had any dignity, he’d have railed against the media for highlighting stupid jokes he made in his early twenties and attacked PC culture.

There is no way he will be sorry, how can anyone genuinely feel sorry for jokes they made fucking years before, which clearly have no effect on anyone whatsoever, in the sense that they’d be hurt by it.

O’Mara’s embarrassing climb down.

It’s probably this very witch-hunt for anything resembling “misogyny” in the eyes of feminists that caused him to be publicly flogged.

Yet, here he is defending them, and saying he will work with them, when he should be charging into the fray and defending his honour and integrity.

Political correctness and the feminist-led inquisition against “misogyny” is something politicians, public figures and all people need to stand up against.

Lest, they will take everything, every joke, one by one, and ruin it, like they have ruined their own sad, cat-driven, lonely existence.